Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Dunwoody Update: E-HOST and SPLOST, Billboards, Dunwoody Polic, "Kiss Me Kate", Dunwoody Butterfly Festival, Keep Our City Beautiful

1. E-HOST and SPLOST Issue … The E-HOST and SPLOST were voted down last night by the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners (DCBOC) by a vote of 5 - 0 … one commissioner was absent. We should applaud the commissioners for taking a strong stand on this issue. What does this mean to Dunwoody citizens:

The E-HOST (which would take the place of the current 1% HOST sales tax) and the 1% additional SPLOST sales tax will not be on the ballot on this Novembers election

DeKalb County total sales tax will stay at 7 % .. this includes the current 1% HOST sales tax

The current DeKalb County property tax assessment freeze will remain in effect

Support for the E-HOST and SPLOST tax was lost when it was determined that due to unintended language in HB-596 that if the E-HOST and SPLOST became law the DC property tax assessment freeze would cease to exist

Another problem was that DC's original intent was to use the SPLOST 1% tax for transportation infrastructure upgrades … the project list created by DC only had approx. 60% of these funds being used for transportation infrastructure

In SPLOST, based on population, Dunwoody would have received approx. 7% of the total SPLOST funds and the City Council had voted to allocate 100% of those funds for city transportation enhancements

FYI, the freeze on our city property tax assessment would not have been affected due to the E-HOST / SPLOST vote … the city property tax assessment freeze would have remained in place

What next …. in the next George legislative session starting in JAN 2017 I think the legislature will fix the language in HB-596 to continue and extend the DC property tax assessment freeze if another E-HOST and SPLOST is brought forth and passed by the voters. A couple of other enhancements to HB-596 would be to allow flexibility on selecting the election cycle to vote of the issues and, setting a minimum percentage of SPLOST funds received that must be spent on transportation enhancements.

2. Billboards … After more than 6 years in court the City of Dunwoody has won our court case vs the billboard company and within the last few days the LED flashing billboard at the corner of N Peachtree Rd and I-285 has been reverted to its original static billboard status as per the court order. We should all be pleased with the court’s ruling as this is a big win for all the residence of Dunwoody.

3. Dunwoody Police …  In an announcement yesterday Dunwoody Police Department have charged 10 people responsible for a series of car break-ins that have occurred across Dunwoody since early June. Those charged range from age 53 down to including four juveniles. One of those that was arrested was charged with 10 felony counts of breaking into cars at swim and tennis clubs in Dunwoody. The solving of this case is another example of the outstanding professionalism of the men and women of our Dunwoody Police Department.

4. "Kiss Me Kate" … This musical open last Friday night at our own Stage Door Players in a true broadway fashion to a sell out audience. Through the performance of a star-studded cast the audience was wooed by humorous acting and songs from one of the greatest composers of our time. It was definitely one of the best plays I have ever seen. If you only go to one play a year or one play in five years this is the one you should see. Show times are 8 PM Thursday, Friday and Saturday and a 2:30 PM Sunday matinee thru August 7. If you plan to go I recommend you get tickets ASAP … Ph #770-396-1726 EXT 6.

5. Dunwoody Butterfly Festival … This annual “fun for the whole family event” at the Dunwoody Nature Center will be held this year on Saturday, August 20 from 10 AM - 3 PM. You can venture inside two enormous tents overflowing with hundreds of beautiful, free roaming butterflies. Other live animal encounters, such as a reptile showcase and Birds of Prey show, will be featured. It is a good idea to get your tickets in advance and lock in your show time. For more information go to …

6. Keep Our City Beautiful … One of the frequent complaints I received concerns trash and trash cans left at the curb. One of the things we can all do to help alleviate this problem is to do the neighborly thing of not taking our trash and yard waste out to the curb until the night before our trash pick-up and then taking our containers away from the curb the night of our trash pick-up. If you are going out of town ask you neighbor to perform these tasks for you. We all thank you.

7. That is all for this evening. Please pass this on to your friends, neighbors and members of your HOA. If anyone wants to be added to my email list just let me know. Thanks for all each of you do to make us a great city family. Let us all work to create an atmosphere of mutual respect that we all desire!

Let Us Continue to Build Our City Together!