Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Dunwoody Update: Independence Day, Parade, Traffic and Traffic Safety, Home and Personal Safety

1. Happy Independence Day! … Celebrate you're freedom! Take a moment to remember those who pay so dearly and are responsible for us to live in the “land of the free.” We live in the greatest country on earth. Cherish it!

2. Dunwoody’s Independence Day Parade … This is the largest such parade in Georgia. If you are not actually in the Parade you can participate equally well by being a spectator. Bring you neighbors, friends and folks from other cities in the area to enjoy this spectacle! My thanks to Pam Tallmadge, Penny Forman, the Dunwoody Police Department and the hundreds of volunteers that make this Parade a huge eventful success. The Parade start at 9 AM at All Saints Catholic Church, goes down Mt Vernon, turns onto Dunwoody Village Parkway and then turn into Dunwoody Village at the Jiffy Lube. There will be many post Parade events in the Village so bring the Family. I think we set a record this year as there were chairs spotted set up along Mt Vernon yesterday evening. A word to the wise, Dunwoody Police will close MT Vernon sometime around 8:30 AM.

3. Traffic and Traffic Safety … We are all part of the traffic problem in our city and we can also be part of the solution. One of the things we can work at is being ready to go at a 4-way stoplight intersection when the L turn arrow or green light turns green. I don’t want you driving "fighter pilot formation” on the car in front of you but having 100’ to 500’ between cars as the lights turns green means the driver was doing some type of distractive activity. If you don’t believe that spend 15 minutes at any of our 4-way stoplight intersections and you will observe this happening frequently. Remember not being ready to go just backs up traffic behind you. Concerning traffic safety please observe the speed limits, don’t text and drive, don’t use hand held phones and use your turn signals. FYI, we have approx. 3,000 vehicles accidents a year in Dunwoody … if we all do our part I thing we can reduce that number considerably. Thanks!

4. Home and Personal Safety … Every little or big thing that you can do will decrease the chances of your home or car being broken into that also preserve your personal safety. For your home, we all know about locking your doors and windows, close your garage door, have interior lights on timers, and leaving a radio on or on a timer while you are gone, etc. ...  no matter how long or short you will be away . I want to emphasis the role neighbors can play in home safety. Make sure your neighbors know when you will be away and if anyone is expected to be at your house while you are gone. Ask your neighbors to watch your house while you are gone. Know your neighbors cars. Have your neighbors pick up your mail and papers. No one is better to watch your house than your neighbors! Other material item like motion lights, alarm systems, motion sensing cameras, dogs, and having a simulated dog barking device all help. You can go on our city website under police and register your home … Police to Citizen Portal … to have officers check your home while you are gone. I am not going to go over a full report but our officers, while inspecting your home, have found garage doors open, windows open and others unlocked, doors unlocked etc. As a pilot I highly recommend you create and use a check list every time you leave home. 

For your cars follow the Dunwoody Police Department’s LOCK, TAKE, HIDE Campaign! LOCK your car doors, TAKE your car keys and TAKE or HIDE anything of valve. Locking your doors may sound very simple but the “bad guys” walk around late at night just pulling on door handles … if they find a one open they will ransack your car in 10 seconds. When you lock your car when leaving it DO NOT use your car remote to lock your car … rather use the lock button on the inside of your door. The “bad guys” have an electronic signal pick up device that can pick up the electronic signal from your remote which they can then use to open you car door. The lock button on the inside of your car door DOES NOT emit an electronic signal. We get reports weekly of folks who left the computer, cell phone, wallets/purses, etc. in plain view … in this case even if your car is locked it takes the "bad guys" 30 seconds to get in and out of your car. If you can’t take your valuables with you, which I highly recommend, then hide the valuables in your car the best you can. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Dunwoody Update: Bike to Lunch, City Council Meetings, Memorial Day Ceremony, Award, Kids to Park Day, Food Truck Thursday, Dunwoody Art Festival, Ask the FCC

1. Bike to Lunch …. Tomorrow, May 8, we will have our annual “Bike to Lunch” day. We will meet at city hall at 12:15 PM and leave city hall at 12:30 PM sharp. You can ride your bike to city hall or haul to city hall and ride it from there. We will bike to Tin Lizzy’s for lunch via the new trail bridge over Nancy Creek. It will be an easy pace ride so don’r worry about being left behind. Let’s get a whole herd of bikers.

2, May City Council Meetings … Since the 4th Monday of May falls during the Memorial Day Holiday our CC meetings in May are on the 1st and 3rd Monday’s of May. Thus the next meeting will be on May 20 at 6 PM. Prior to this meeting there will be a Facility Authority (FA) meeting starting at 5 PM to discuss/grant a long term lease to the Spruill Center of the Arts. This is the same thing we granted the DNC over a year ago. The FA granting a long term lease with the city enhances the non-profit’s ability to raise funds from donors.

3. June City Council Meeting … There will only be one city council in June as several council members will be attending the annual Georgia Municipal Assoc. convention Jun 21 - 24.

4. Memorial Day Ceremony … This annual Dunwoody Memorial Day Ceremony will take place on May 27 at 10 AM in Brook Run Park at the Veterans Memorial. Come honor those that honored us with their supreme sacrifice of their live. I would like to see huge turnout to honor those that we all owe so much.

5. Award … I was recently given the “Bridge Builder” award from the DC CEO Michael Thurmond. I want each of you to know that part of that award belongs to you!

6. Dunwoody Kids to Park Day … The event will take place May 18 starting at 5 PM at Brook Run Park. All kinds of great fun ending with a movie at dusk .. bring the “troops” for family fun.

7. Food Truck Thursday …. Thanks to all that did all the work … Bill Grossman, Brent Walker, Gabe Epps, Rachel Walden, Jennifer Boettcher and Kathy Florence. Also, thanks to all who came and made it a huge fun filled community spirit event.

8. Dunwoody Art Festival … This popular event will be this Saturday, May 11 from 10 AM to 6 PM and Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM. The event takes place on the Dunwoody Village Parkway.

9. Ask the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) … This event will take place this Thursday at 6 PM at our city hall. Are you getting too many unwanted calls, are receiving scam calls, your phone bill is confusing and/or telephone, TV or cable issues? There will be an FCC official there to help answer your questions.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Dunwoody Update: Food Truck Thursday, Stage Door Players, Dunwoody Farmer's Market, Paving, Sink Holes, Security, Brook Run Park, Stream Clean-up, Lemonade Days, Monarchs and Margaritas, Dunwoody Arts Festival

1. Food Truck Thursday … The first Food Truck Thursday of 2019 will be this Th (tomorrow), May 2. This is a big one! We will be celebrating our 10th anniversary as a city. The times are 5 - 9 PM and the weather is forecast to be beautiful. So, bring the whole Family, your chairs/blankets and aptitude for good food and a fun time and come on over. There will be a few surprises. Music is by the Tribute and they will sound a lot like the Allman Brothers. Don’t miss this one!

2. Stage Door Players (SDP) … Proudly presents “Murder in the Vineyard” a Murder Mystery Dinner this Saturday at the Donaldson-Bannister Farm from 6:30 - 10 PM. The Farm is located at the intersection of  Chamblee Dunwoody Rd and Vermack Rd. Yes, you can be part of the detective group in this event which will be led by our own SDP Artistic Director Robert Egisio. 2018 Dunwoopdy Idol winner Josie James will entertain during the cocktail hour and the catering is by Dunwoody's Marlowe’s Tavern. For tickets call 770-396-1726 Ext 5 or click here Murder in the Vineyard Tickets. All funds go to support the SDP Arts. For you dudes still looking for a Mother’s Day gift there is a raffle item you will not want to miss out on.

3. Dunwoody Farmer’s Market … Annual “Grand Opening” will be this Saturday, May 4, at Brook Run Park. Hours are 8:30 AM - 1200 PM. Speaking on markets, Nel’s fruit and vegetable stand had its annual opening last week. It is located next to Chick-fil-A on Jett Ferry Rd. It is open Monday thru Saturday.

4. Paving … the 2019 paving is moving along smartly … we have 30 of the 57 streets on this years paving list already paved. There will be a lull is our paving until about mid-June when we will finish the rest of the streets.

5. Sink Holes … We have had a few sink holes lately. The causes are various. If you see one during normal working report it immediately to our Public Works Dept. at 678-382-6800. If it happens during non-working hours report it via our Public Works emergency Ph # 678-382-6850.

6. Security … I have mentioned this several times. Please don’t leave anything of valve in view in your car. If you do you’re going to become a statistic. Remember it takes the bad guys less than 15 seconds to break into you car. Ladies when you are shopping DO NOT leave your purse and / or wallet in your shopping cart as you shop. If you do, sooner or later you will become statistic. Vigilance is required to prevent these things happening to you or a family member, friend, etc..

7. Brook Run Park … The park is open and will remain open but major construction enhancement are in progress. With good weather we hope to have the construction complete by DEC 31, 2019. We are in the final days of replacing tried matting in the playground in Brook Run Park. Our objective is to have it done before Food Truck tomorrow night.

8. Stream Clean-up … The stream clean-up on APR 13 was a success but we could have used more volunteers. We started at the new trail bridge over Nancy Creek and finish at I-285. We picked up two truck loads of trash of all shapes and sizes. Thanks to all those that volunteered!

9. Lemonade Days and Monarchs and Margaritas … Both of these events were huge successes and are outstanding examples of community spirit building events. All the funds raised go directly into enhancing the Donaldson-Bannister Farm from Lemonade Days and Dunwoody Nature Center from Monarchs and Margaritas. Thanks to the folks at Dunwoody Preservation Trust for running Lemonade Days and the folks at Dunwoody Nature Center for running Monarchs and Margaritas. Thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed themselves. If you missed it this year next year don’t miss Dunwoody Idol … you will see some real talented young singers. Who needs America Idol when we have Dunwoody Idol in our own park!

10. Dunwoody Arts Festival … This popular event will be on May 11 and 12 in Dunwoody Village.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Dunwoody Update: Police Ceremonies, Ribbon Cutting, State of the City, Stream Clean-up Day, Paper Shredding, Dunwoody United Methodist Annual Play

1. Police Ceremonies … Today, Tuesday, April 9th at 1 PM we will have the retirement ceremony for Deputy Chief David Sides at our city hall. Deputy Chief Sides was the first officer hired by Chief Grogan and has served our community in a superb professional manner for 10 years … He will be missed. Right after that ceremony we will have the promotion ceremony for Major Barnes to Deputy Chief, Lieutenant Carlson to Major, Sergeant Krieg to Lieutenant, and Detective Stallings to Sergeant. The public is welcome and encourage to attend to celebrate with these outstanding officers of our Police Department.

2. Ribbon Cutting … Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 10th ay 10:00 AM there will be a ribbon cutting to official dedicate our new pedestrian bridge over Nancy Creek. This is the bridge that will connect our trial systems from Brook Run Park to the Perimeter area. Parking for this event will be just across from our old city hall on Perimeter Center East. There will be signs on Perimeter Center directing you where to park … there will also be limited parking on the street on Lincoln Parkway which is off of Perimeter Center East.

3. State of the City …. The State of the City address will take place this Thursday, April 11th, at Crown Plaza Ravinia, located at 4355 Ashford Dunwoody Rd.. The reception with heavy hors d’oeuvres will start at 6 PM and ceremony will start at 7 PM. The  event is free and there is free parking or valet parking your choice available. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.

4. Two Big Event on Saturday, April 13th … The first in our annual Stream Clean-up Day as part of Earth Day starting at 9 AM until about 12 PM. This year we will be cleaning Nancy Creek tributary. We will meet at the top level parking at 1455 Lincoln Parkway which is off of Perimeter Center Parkway by the new townhomes across from our old city hall. We will start in the area of our new pedestrian bridge noted above. Wear working clothes. This is a community spirit building event. 
Also on Saturday morning there is a paper shredding event from 9 AM to 12 PM sponsors by our good folks at Harry Norman Realtors located at 4848 Ashford Dunwoody Rd. Limit is 10 books per car. Paper clips and staples are OK. You can watch your stuff be shredded. No hard drives, 3-ring binders or binder clips allowed. 

5. Dunwoody United Methodist Annual Play …This play, among others, will feature our own Council Woman Pam Tallmadge. The dates are this Friday - Sunday, April 12 - 14. Show times are 7 PM on Friday and Saturday and 3 PM on Sunday. This is always a star studded extravaganza that you will not want to miss!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Dunwoody Update: Town Hall Meeting, HB-302 and SB-172, Electronic Recycling Event, Paper Shredding Event, Police Open House, State of the City

1. Town Hall Meeting Tonight … Our state legislative representatives, Rep Michael Wilensky and Sen Sally Harrell will host a town hall meeting tonight, MAR 19, at our Dunwoody City Hall starting at 6 PM. Come get the latest information from the Golden Dome with only a few days left in the 2019 legislative session.

2. HB-302 and SB-172 … These are the companion Bills that would have basically taken away our ability of “Local Control” of zoning and code enforcement. Neither these Bills made it out committee prior to “cross over” day. My thanks to our lobbyist, council members, staff and most importantly you the citizens for contacting our state representatives and the state committee members in which the Bills were being heard. We must remain vigilant as there is always the possibility of a legislator trying to attach the language of these two Bills on to another Bill at the 11th hour. Only when the legislative session is officially closed will we be totally safe for this year from this complete overreach of “Local Control.

3. Electronic Recycling Event … As a reminder for those of you who signed up, this very popular event will take place this Sunday from 1 - 4 PM at St Luke's Presbyterian Church at 1978 Mt Vernon Rd. Sign up closed on MAR 15. Thanks to St Luke’s Parish for providing the facilities for this event. 

4. Paper Shredding Event … There is a paper shredding event at Harry Norman Realtors located at 4848 Ashford Dunwoody Rd from 9 AM to 12 PM on Saturday, April 13.  Each car may bring a maximum of 10 boxes. Staples and paper clips are allowed but no three ring binders or binder clips are allowed. Thanks to all the folks at Harry Norman Realtors for providing this service for our citizens. 

5. 10th Anniversary Dunwoody Police Open House … The Dunwoody Police - A Police Force Second to None - will hold an Open House at Dunwoody City Hall on APR 1, 2019 from 4 to 7 PM. There will be tours of the police areas that normally aren’t open to the public and members of our police force and staff will be there to answer questions, etc. It will be a good time. 

6. Dunwoody State of the City … Details in the official invitation below. Everyone is welcome and cordially invited to attend. Come learn what we have accomplished in 10 years as a city and what the future holds for our great city.
Thursday, April 11, 2019 | 6 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Crown Plaza Ravinia (Ravinia Ballroom) | 4355 Ashford Dunwoody Road, Dunwoody
6 p.m. Reception and heavy hors d-oeuvres
7 p.m. State of the City

Please RSVP to by Monday, April 1st.
Parking at the Crowne Plaza Ravinia parking deck is complimentary. 

Monday, February 18, 2019

Dunwoody Update: Sanitary Pick Up, Arbor Day, Citizens Police Academy, State of the City, paving, Mount Vernon and Vermack/Manhasset Intersection, Parks, Recycling Event, Police, Code Enforcement

1. Sanitary Pick Up … President’s Day give us a day to reflect, a day off for some and sanitary pick up of one day LATER than normal this week as DC and most city workers have off today.

2. Arbor Day … Last Friday Dunwoody celebrated Arbor Day as we have done ever year since becoming a city. Every year we also plant a tree … this year we planted the tree at the new Dunwoody Baseball Fields. The tree is small with no leaves so I named it “The Charlie Brown Tree” … don’t worry it will sprout leaves in spring. The day before this we received notification that Dunwoody has been designated a “Tree City USA” for the 7th year row. We are one of some 3500 cities in the USA to received that designation or put in another way, one of only 18% of the total number of cities in the USA to be so designated.

3. Citizens Police Academy … Sign up is now in progress for this very popular course. It is put on by members of our own Dunwoody Police Dept. and covers all aspects of police work including hands on training. This is a very well received free class and seats are limit and the course fills up fast. The class starts Tuesday evening, FEB 26 and runs every Tuesday evening for 10 weeks with one Tuesday off for spring break. For an application or more information contact Officer Anwar Sillah @

4. State of The City Address … Mark your calendars for this annual event that will be held on Thursday, April 11 starting at 6 PM with a social hours with hors d’oeuvres and beverages. The ceremony starts at 7 PM. The event will take place at the Crown Plaza Hotel, 4355 Ashford Dunwoody Rd NE, Dunwoody. All citizens and Dunwoody business owners are cordially invited to attend to get a brief summary on where have been and where we are going as a city.

5. Paving … The paving for 2019 is about to start in Dunwoody. A crew is currently moving paving equipment here and as soon as weather permits we will commence paving operations. We will start working on neighborhood streets first. As I informed you last year, due to the diligent work of our Public Works Staff, we signed a three year paving contract with Blount Paving in 2018. This is the second year the contract. For the second and third years the cost escalator is based on the monthly Asphalt Cost Index (ACI). The initial ACI is only up 1% verses 2018. This is a huge cost savings considering our recent past history of a 7 - 10% annual increase when we only had one year contracts. At the end of this year’s paving cycle we will have over 60% of our roads paved since we became a city … but we will not be satisfied until 100% of our roads have been paved.  

6. Mount Vernon and Vermack/Manhasset Intersection … Work has been slowed by continuous inclement weather - rain and cold with more rain forecasted (for 13 of the next 14 days) - and our effort to mitigate traffic congestion by limiting work hours to 9 AM to 4 PM. Folks you just can’t do this type of work in the rain or when the ground is soaked. My estimated completion date is late spring or early summer. Patience will continued to the required by all off us.

7. Parks … The Brook Run Playground resurfacing is on the horizon. The pre-bid conference will be held this week.

8. Parks Continued … The “Ground Breaking Ceremony” for the Brook Run Park enhancements will be held on March 19 in Brook Run Park. The time is TBD. These enhancement include more parking, restrooms, two new sports fields, a Great Lawn with a band shelter and another entry point off Barclay Dr. These enhancements are being paid for by internal / reserve funds … no debt or bonds!  

9. Recycling Event … The next Dunwoody Electronic Recycling event will be held on MAR 24 from 1 - 4 PM at St Luke’s Presbyterian Church located at 1978 Mt Vernon Rd. This event is for Dunwoody residents only (ID is required) and pre-registration is REQUIRED. Register NLT Friday, MAR 15 at …

10. TARTAN Trot … The annual St Luke’s TARTAN Trot is this Saturday, FEB 23. To register go to … The race is a Peachtree Road Race qualifying event for you “road runners” out there.

11. Police … On Monday, April 1 from 4 to 7 PM the Dunwoody Police Department will have an Open House to celebrate the Dunwoody Police’s 10th Anniversary. The event will take place at the Dunwoody City Hall. Come celebrate with the men and women of the finest police department in the state of Georgia. 

12. Police … It is with a sad voice that I inform you that our Deputy Chief David Sides will be retiring APR 10th. Deputy Chief Sides has been a professional and stabilizing force since day-one of our Dunwoody Police Department and a key element in our Police Department’s success. He will be missed! There will be a retirement party for Deputy Chief Sides at city hall on APR 9 and the time is TBD. Deputy Chief, personally and from all of our Citizens … THANKS!

13. Code Enforcement … Dunwoody has launch an electronic code enforcement tool. You can report code violations by going to … There is also a mobile app. Click here for more info.

13. Park Events … There are a multitude of events at all our parks, go to  … dunwoody ga parks … and with a little surfing the site you will get a list of our parks and by going to the individual parks you can find the upcoming events.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Dunwoody Update: City of Dunwoody 10th Anniversary, Elections, Director of Communications, Safety Warning, Sanitation Bulk Item Pick Up, Recycling Containers, Thanksgiving, Walk with a Doc

1. City of Dunwoody 10th Anniversary Celebration … Our 10th Anniversary Celebration will be this Saturday, DEC 1st at Pernoshal Park from 2 - 6 PM. Pernoshal Park is located at 4575 N Shallowford Rd. There will be activities across the spectrum … something for everyone. Even the Coca-Cola Polar Bear will be there. This event will go rain or shine. So come out and celebrate our first decade as the City of Dunwoody.

2. Elections … The Run-off Special election will will be held at your normal polling place on Tuesday, DEC 4, 2018 and the hours are 7 AM - 7 PM. Early voting is available from now through this Friday for 7 AM - 7 PM at the following locations … Dunwoody Library, 5339 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd and DC Election Office, 4380 Memorial Dr, Decatur. Early voting is also available at 2801 Candler Rd, Decatur from 9 AM - 8 PM. You may vote at anyone of these three locations. Absentee voting is also available … for a ballot application go to this website … Click Here for an Absentee Ballot Application. Yes you still have time to absentee vote. There are two positions on the ballot … Secretary of State - Brad Raffensperger-Republican and John Barrow-Democrat and Public Service Commissioner - Chuck Eaton-(Incumbent) Republican and Lindy Miller-Democrat. Remember the only way your vote counts is if you vote!

3. Dunwoody’s New Director of Communications … On DEC 1 we welcome our new Dir of Communications … Jennifer Leslie Boettcher. Her name is familiar to most of us as she has been a reporter for Channel 11 Alive News for 21 years. As an added benefit Jennifer lives in Dunwoody. She brings a unique experience and familiarity level to our city. She is talented but just as important she is a class lady. She will be at our 10th Anniversary Celebration this Saturday so come out and meet her. 

4. Safety Warning … This is the time of the year to be extra vigilant. The “bad folks” do their shopping out of our cars and homes. This is a reminder to … LOCK your car and house doors, TAKE your keys, TAKE / HIDE your belongings, SET your house alarm if you have one, ASK your neighbors to keep a watch on your house, DON’T leave any mail or papers on your driveway/yard (this especially includes packages on your front porch), SET light timers at various times in your house and when you lock your car doors use the auto lock switch on the car door and NOT the one on your car key device. Your car key device give out an electronic signal that can be picked up by the “bad folks” allowing them easy access to your vehicle. 

5. DC Sanitation Bulk Item Pick Up … DC is offering a free “bulk item pick up” that will be servicing the complete daily routes, which will cover all customers. They will be driving by every resident’s home that they drive by on their normal Tuesday and Wednesday Dunwoody routes. You do not have to call in. For Dunwoody residents who have a normal pick up day of Tuesday your bulky items will be collect on Friday,  DEC 7 OR Saturday, DEC 8. For Dunwoody residents who have a normal pick up day of Wednesday your bulky items will be collected on Friday, DEC 14 OR Saturday, DEC 15. They can come anytime on either one of the bulky item pick up days so make sure you have your items at the curb very early on the first day of your two-day bulky item pick up.

6. DC Recycling Containers … Recycling subscribers in DC must trade in their 18 gallon recycling bins for a 35 or 65 gallon roll cart by DEC 28, 2018. There are three ways to do this … 1. In person at the DC Sanitation Office at 3720 Leroy Scott Dr, Decatur;  2. On-line at where the exchange information in on the “welcome page.” and the roll cart should be delivered to your house within 10 working days. (A word to the wise on this method … get your request in early.); 3. A roll cart exchange event on Saturday, DEC 8 from 9 AM to 2 PM at the North DeKalb Mall (Macy’s Bldg Parking Lot), 2050 Lawrenceville Hwy, Decatur. FYI, 35 gal roll carts are free but 65 gal roll cart have a one time cost of $15. 

7. Thanksgiving … My hope is that each of you had a Blessed, Fulfilling and Happy Thanksgiving! It is a great day to reflect just how lucky we are to live in America!

8. Walking with DOC … On Saturday, DEC 8, starting at 9 AM, I will be walking at Brook Run Park with my Cardiologist, Dr Michael Balk of Emory St Joseph’s Hospital. Doc Balk is an outstanding cardiologist so if you have questions/concerns about how your heart is doing I’ll see you there.