Friday, September 27, 2013

Dunwoody Update: Shine-Up Dunwoody, Paving, Sidewalks, Zoning

1. Clean, Fix and Shine-Up Dunwoody / Serve Day .... This annual event is tomorrow, Saturday, 9/28/13. The main sponsor of this event are all the churches in Dunwoody, spear headed by the North Atlanta Church of Christ (NACOFC) and the Dunwoody Volunteer Coordinating Committee.  The main city project event - there are plenty of events other than the city project - this year is the planting of 300 trees at various city properties located throughout Dunwoody. The main locations will be our parks.  To sign up you can go to this website ... ... and then show up at 7:30 AM at the NACOFC located at 5676 Roberts Dr or you can go to Brook Run park at  8:30 AM and gather by the children's playground. We still have room for plenty of workers. Come on out and show that great community spirit for which Dunwoody citizens are known. I will see you there.

2. Paving ... An additional 2013 paving contract for eight street was approved at last Monday's City Council Meeting. With contingency the contract is for $420,000. The plan is to start paving next week. The criteria was to pave streets that did not require extensive deep patching prior to paving and were located relatively close together to speed up the process as weather will be a factor later on. We anticipate the paving to be completed in three weeks with good weather.  

3. Sidewalks ... The current main effort for this year sidewalk construction schedule is along Womack Rd. When that is finished the final sidewalk project for 2013 will be started. That project is Valley View Rd. Our anticipated completion is by the end of November with the cooperation of the weather. The contracts for the sidewalk projects on Mt Vernon Rd, Hensley Dr and Peachford Rd will be let later this fall with construction slated to begin in the spring of 2014.

4. Dunwoody Zoning Code Rewrite (DZCR) ... As you know the DZCR has been on going for over a year and a half. This three year project is now in the final approval process and will be completed over a year ahead of schedule. In addition to issue of you concern there are two issues that on which I request your feedback. I ask for your viewpoint based on this happening at the house next to yours.
1. Section 27.12.60 B 5 ... Should recreation vehicles ... defined as water craft, motor homes (RVs), trailers and car carriers ... be allowed to be parked on a residential lot in a Residential Zoned area on a permanent bases?
2. Section 27.10.30 B 2 ... Should Household businesses be allowed is a residence in a Residential Zoned Area with the business having non-resident employees, with come and go customer traffic with hours of 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM?

5. That is all for now. Thanks for all your support and words of encouragement. Please pass this on to your friends, neighbors, members of your HOA or anyone you think maybe interested. If you would like to be added to my update email list just let me know and I will make that happen.  Look forward to seeing you around out city.