Thursday, October 31, 2013

Re-Elect Denis Shortal Dunwoody City Council District 1, Post 1


A Proven Fiscally Conservative, Ethical and Positive Leader for the Citizens of Dunwoody
  • Dunwoody City Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem since City's Inauguration
  • Dunwoody Yes, Co-Chair and Treasurer
  • Retired Marine Brigadier General - 32 Years of Service
  • Member of St. Jude Church for 27 years and All Saints Knights of Columbus
  • Proposed the Multi-Supplier Contract Plan for City Services that Saves Over $3 Million Annually
  • Proposed a Minimum 4-Month Operational Budget Reserve
  • Led the Opposition to Defeat the $120 Million Park Bond Debt Referendum
    (would have increased city taxes by 94%)
Priorities for the Future of Dunwoody:
  • A "Right-Sized" Police Force for the Protection of Our Citizens
  • A Low Tax Plan and a Balanced Budget with Reserve Fund
  • A Small, Efficient and Responsive Dunwoody City Government
  • An Enhancement of Our Parks and Recreational Facilities
  • A Prioritized Plan to Continue to Fix the Infrastructure of Our City
  • A Plan to Take Control of Dunwoody Schools, Keep the Schools in the Current Locations and Accommodate Students Without Using Trailers
  • A Plan to Protect Quality of Life in Residential Neighborhoods
  • A Plan to Install Emergency Weather Alert Sirens For the Safety of Our Citizens
Let Us Continue to Build Our City Together.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Dunwoody Update: Dunwoody Schools, Safety, Zoning, Veteran's Day, Vote

1. Feasibility Study for a Dunwoody Independent School District (DISD) ... Tonight, Monday, OCT 28, at 7 PM, at the Dunwoody City Council Meeting, Rep Tom Taylor will give a brief on the current status of the movement to establish our DISD. This is an item of importance to all our citizens and I urge you to make an effort to attend and hear Rep Taylor. Taking over our schools will be hard work but it can be done with the collected effort of all of us. Personally, I strongly favor taking control of our school, keeping our schools in their current locations, enhancing the structures to meet current standards and safety requirements and, being sized to accommodate the student population without the use of trailers. I would like to hear your thoughts.

2. Safety .... As I have walked the District One over the last few weeks I have a noted a safety item of common theme. I would highly recommend you have your address highly visibly displayed on your mailbox, mailbox pole and or painted on your curb. We all know about these high tech items like GPS, etc. but high tech sometimes fail ...the manual system noted above doesn't fail.  If you have an emergency at your residence on some dark and stormy night having your address prominently displayed as I note above could be the key factor in our emergency responders finding you residence in a timely manner.

3. Zoning ... To clarify zoning laws, once a piece of property is zoned a certain classification — single family residential, multi-family residential, commercial, etc. — that zoning classification stays with the property for the current and successive owners. Generally, the city does NOT have the legal right to change the zoning. The zoning can be changed by the property owner requesting a zoning change and that change being approved by, in our case, the City Council. Since we became a city the City Council has not changed any property zoning classification to high density multi-family. FYI, there is an Information Forum concerning the recently passed zoning code changes that will be held at the City Hall tomorrow, OCT 29 from 9 - 11 AM.

4. Veteran's Day Meals ... There is a list of restaurants offering Veterans reduced prices, specials and in some cases free meals for Veterans and in some cases their spouses. One such restaurant, that has recently been added to this list, is the Chick-fil-A located in the Jett Ferry Shopping Center. This restaurant, from 5 - 8 PM on NOV 11, will be offering a free meal for the Veteran and spouse. Other local restaurants that I know of offering specials to Veterans are... Carrabba's, Chili's, Olive Garden, Outback, McCormick & Schmicks, California Pizza among others.

5. Vote ...  The corner-stone privilege of our freedom is the right to vote. A lot of our fellow Americans have given their life to ensure our right to vote is preserved. Of course my preference is that you vote for me, but above all I ask each of you to vote on NOV 5, 2013. The polls will be open from 7 AM to 7 PM. If you want to find your polling location go to this website ... ... fill in the blanks and hit "submit." The main voter information website for us is ... If you fax (fax # 404-298-4038) or email ( your absentee ballot application in you will still have time to receive your ballot and mail it back in time to be counted by the voter deadline of NOV 5. To get your absentee ballot application go to this website  .... A copy of the sample ballot for all of Dunwoody maybe obtained at this website ....