Thursday, October 31, 2013

Re-Elect Denis Shortal Dunwoody City Council District 1, Post 1


A Proven Fiscally Conservative, Ethical and Positive Leader for the Citizens of Dunwoody
  • Dunwoody City Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem since City's Inauguration
  • Dunwoody Yes, Co-Chair and Treasurer
  • Retired Marine Brigadier General - 32 Years of Service
  • Member of St. Jude Church for 27 years and All Saints Knights of Columbus
  • Proposed the Multi-Supplier Contract Plan for City Services that Saves Over $3 Million Annually
  • Proposed a Minimum 4-Month Operational Budget Reserve
  • Led the Opposition to Defeat the $120 Million Park Bond Debt Referendum
    (would have increased city taxes by 94%)
Priorities for the Future of Dunwoody:
  • A "Right-Sized" Police Force for the Protection of Our Citizens
  • A Low Tax Plan and a Balanced Budget with Reserve Fund
  • A Small, Efficient and Responsive Dunwoody City Government
  • An Enhancement of Our Parks and Recreational Facilities
  • A Prioritized Plan to Continue to Fix the Infrastructure of Our City
  • A Plan to Take Control of Dunwoody Schools, Keep the Schools in the Current Locations and Accommodate Students Without Using Trailers
  • A Plan to Protect Quality of Life in Residential Neighborhoods
  • A Plan to Install Emergency Weather Alert Sirens For the Safety of Our Citizens
Let Us Continue to Build Our City Together.