Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thank You Dunwoody

(published in the November 13, 2013 Dunwoody Crier)

Just a note of personal thanks to all the citizens of Dunwoody who exercised their right to vote on Nov. 5 in support of my re-election. I appreciate the confidence that you have placed in me. I take your support seriously.  I look forward to serving you as your councilman in District 1. I will continue to do what I promised during my campaign by providing fiscally conservative, ethical, positive and common sense leadership to ALL the citizens of District 1 as well as ALL the citizens of our great city. It is time we come together in a positive frame of mind to keep moving forward to enhance the quality of life for all of our citizens. 

A special thanks to all those that worked on my campaign including my wife, Meredy, campaign manager George Stewart, campaign treasurer and advisor Maria Richmond, the meet and greet hosts, those that allowed me to put a campaign sign in your yard, those that made phone calls and wrote letters in my support, the financial donors, you that gave me words of encouragement and the 17 sign-wavers at the polling places on election day. All of you are the very best and so appreciated.