Friday, October 31, 2014

Dunwoody Update: Halloween, Election Day, Clean, Shine & Fix-Up, Recycling, Sirens, Events

My fellow citizens of our fine city of Dunwoody … the following are some items of interest…

1. Halloween … Today is a day that many of our children will be walking our streets in costume “Trick or Treating” … Please keep them safe by driving slow and carefully?

2. Election Day … Next Tuesday, NOV 4th, your normal polling place will be open for 7 AM to 7 PM for you the cast you vote. If you don’t vote someone else with possibly different political views than you will decide the fate of our local, state and federal governments … don’t let that happen! My hope is that every Dunwoody citizen will vote. That way those that we elect will have our values and political views. Make sure you have a government ID with you when you go to vote. To assist you if you go to the following link you will see the sample ballot for our area …  … you will note there are several candidates that live in or have strong ties to Dunwoody. For those of you that have ask me about the two Amendments and the one Referendum that are on the ballot, again I am not going to tell you how to vote but I will try to explain the Amendments and Referendum and tell how I will vote … Amendment A  … A YES vote put a cap or maximum rate of 6% on the GA State Income Tax that the legislature won’t be able increase … I will vote YES …..  Amendment B   … A YES vote adds reckless driving penalties and fees to the brain and spinal injury trust fund where the DUI fees already currently go.  That’s kind of what I call a feel good amendment.  I will probably vote YES ….. Referendum 1  A YES vote exempts private businesses that operate student housing or a student parking deck for the state university system from property tax. The stated purpose is to take the debt burden of the facilities off the university system. It would give private businesses an incentive to operate these facilities and service the debt. These private businesses would have the same exemption from property tax as the university system. The university system will still own the property but have a contractual arrangement with the private business. … I will vote YES.

3. Clean, Shine and Fix-Up Dunwoody … Tomorrow, NOV 1st, is our annual city wide volunteer day where we complete tasks that will enhance our city. We will gather at Brook Run Park at 8 AM and go from there to do various task.  This year the task include planting trees, cleaning street signs (for those of you with street signs by your property please let the volunteers use some of your water), painting the remaining fire hydrants and just doing general trash cleanup around our city. Coffee and donuts will be served at 8 AM as a continental breakfast and then there will be a lunch starting at 1 o’clock that will consist of hot dogs, baked beans, coleslaw and Chick-fil-A sandwiches served by the Knights of Columbus of All Saints Church. St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church, Dunwoody Baptist Church and other churches will also be involved. So basically the day will last from 8 AM till 1 PM. It’s going to be a little chilly in the morning so dress warm bring your gloves and hat, bring a shovel, some cleaning and trash pick up tools and your community spirit.  Let’s make our city a better and a cleaner place. I will see you all there tomorrow at 8 AM.

4. Dunwoody Recycling Event … This annual city sponsored event will take place on November 8 from 12 PM to 3 PM at Georgia Perimeter College (GPC), Dunwoody campus, parking lot 11 off Womack road. If you’re traveling east on Womack Road turn right into the first GPC entrance. This event will take place rain or shine. Some of the items that will be excepted this year are paints of all kinds (20 gals max), pesticides, aerosols, batteries, lawn care products, automotive products, fluorescent bulbs, photo chemicals, hobby and artist supplies, cleaners and swimming pool chemicals and, there will be an on site shredder to shred documents. This is a great opportunity to get rid of all that unwanted “STUFF” that you have around your house. Disposal is open to Dunwoody residents only so please bring your drivers license or other proof of residency.

5. Sirens … Sirens have been installed at Brook Run Park and Dunwoody Park. It is my hope that eventually sirens will be installed throughout our city for the safety of our citizens. The sirens will be periodically tested. Sirens will be activated under imminent threat of: 1. tornadoes, 2. thunderstorms with wins 70 mph or greater and, 3. golf ball size hail or larger.

6. Other Events in Dunwoody ….

1. NOV 2nd @ 7 PM … DHA Meeting in the same building as Stage Door Players and the Library.
2. NOV 4th @ 7 PM … Planning Commission Meeting at City Hall
3. NOV 5th ..Time varies by location. … Walk to School Day
4. NOV 6th @ 7 PM  … Town Hall Meeting featuring the City Council Members (Jim Riticher and Lynn Deutsch) from District Two at Dunwoody Library.
5. NOV 6th @ 7 PM  … Dunwoody ZBA Meeting
6. NOV 10th @ All Day + … Anywhere that two or more Marines are gathered. The 239th Birthday of the U S Marine Corps.
7. NOV 10th @ 6 & 7 PM … City Council Meetings
8. NOV 11th @ 10 AM … Dunwoody Veteran’s Day Ceremony at Brook Run Park.
9. NOV 15th …. Last day to pay the second installment of your property taxes.

7.  That is all for today so I best end this update. Please pass this on to all your friends, neighbors, members of your HOA or anyone else you think maybe interested. If anyone would like to be added to my email list please let me know and I will make that happen. Thanks for your continued support and remember, that each have stake in our City and we are all neighbors so lets treat each other with respect and kindness.

Your fellow citizen and neighbor,

Denny Shortal

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dunwoody Update: Paving, Budget, Clean, Shine & Fix-Up, Sanitation, Election

Good afternoon my fellow citizens … the following are some update items of interest …

1. Paving … The Dunwoody Park parking lot paving was finished yesterday. Weather permitting the remaining unpaved side of Dunwoody Village Parkway will be paved this week. First the aggregate (gravel) will be smoothed and compacted. Then the base layer of asphalt will be rolled on followed by a “binder” layer of asphalt, and then, as I previously told you, the finished layer of asphalt will be added over the entire width of the street. This should complete the paving for 2014.

2. Budget … The initial draft of the 2015 City of Dunwoody budget is now on the City website. To view the budget go to city website … … Select the “Home Page” and on the right side of the page in green under “Projects” the first item is “2015 City Budget.” I request you click on that, review the budget and then send me your feedback/comments.

3. Clean, Shine and Fix-Up Dunwoody Day … This annual volunteer event to enhance our city will take place on NOV 1, 2014. The start time to meet at Brook Run Park (BRP) at 8 AM down by the playground. There will be coffee and donuts, serve by the Knights of Columbus (KofC) from All Saints Catholic Church, to kind of “kick start” your day. Then it is off to work planting about 200 trees in the BRP (the holes will already be dug). Other tasks for the day will be to paint the remaining fire hydrants (if you see a fire hydrant that hasn’t been painted yellow pls. let me know and include the location), cleaning street signs thru out the city and general park maintenance (grunt work). A lunch will also be served at BRP by the KofC. Depending on the number of volunteers we should be done for the day by NLT 1:30 PM. Bring gloves, shovels, trimming tools, buckets, wire brush, clippers, stool or small step ladder and anything else you think you may need for the jobs listed above. To sign up go to our city website … … on the “Home” page the first item under “News” is “It Time To Clean, Shine and Fix-Up Dunwoody” … click on the word “More” and then click on “Click here to Register as a Volunteer” and follow the instructions. This has been a great Dunwoody community spirit event every year since we became a city that continues to enhances the physical appearance of our city with minimal expense … each of us can make a difference!  See you there rain or shine!

4. Sanitation … There is a letter out from the DC CEO, Lee May, stating that the sanitation pick up for Dunwoody and three other cities in DC will be decided by the “local government bodies” which for us means the City Council. I don’t have all the facts but here is what I know. DC is leaning towards a standard pick up of the “once a week pick-up” … this is the “pilot program” that many of us have been participating in. The old system of “twice a week pick-up” MAYBE be available but it would be at a, yet to be determined, “significant rate increase.” I have results of two different surveys on the sanitation pick-up … on one survey the question concerned rating the “once a week pick-up” where a 10 is the highest rating and a 1 the lowest rating. Out of 46 responders, 36 rated it a 7 or higher with 22 rating it a 10 … 2 rated it a 5 and 8 rated it a 3 or lower with 2 rating it a 1. On another survey in response to my last update 18 favored ”once a week pick-up” and 11 favored staying with the “original system of three times a week pick-up.”

5. Election … The general election voting takes place on NOV 4, 2014 at your normal polling place. To get an absentee ballot application go to this website … … you can mail, fax, email (as an attachment) or present in person your ballot application to the DeKalb County Election Supervisor … see below for address, email address and/or fax number. Early/Advanced voting starts OCT 13th thru OCT 31st at various locations … dates and time vary from location to location. Go to this website for specific locations and times for DC …. Folks have concerns about the governments at all levels … this is your chance to have your voices heard … if you don’t vote you lose your opportunity to determine the outcome and thus the make-up  of our governing bodies will be determine by someone else. Approx. 20% of Dunwoody citizens voted in the last election … folks we are better citizens than that! I Voting is so easy so please VOTE!!

DeKalb County Election Supervisor
Memorial Drive Complex
4380 Memorial Drive, Suite 300
Decatur, GA 30032-1239
Telephone: (404) 298-4020
Fax: (404) 298-4038

6. Upcoming Events …
OCT 9, 16, 23 & 30 … Food Truck Thursdays @ Brook Run Park … 6 - 9 PM (the last four Food Truck Thursdays of the year)
OCT 11 … Missouri vs Georgia in football @ 1200 in Columbia, MO
OCT 13 … City Council Work Session @ 6 PM and City Council Meeting @ 7 PM
OCT 19 … Dunwoody Rotary Club’s “Run Dunwoody 2014” The website to sign up, etc., is …
OCT 27 … City Council Work Session and Meeting … 6 and 7 PM respectively
NOV 1  … Clean, Shine and Fix-Up Dunwoody … See above

7.  That is all for today so I best end this update. Please pass this on to all your friends, neighbors, members of your HOA or anyone else you think maybe interested. If anyone would like to be added to my email list please let me know and I will make that happen. Thanks for your continued support and remember, that each have stake in our City and we are all neighbors so lets treat each other with respect and kindness.

Let Us Continue To Build Our City Together