Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dunwoody Election Update

Today, December 2, 2014 is Election Day. This is a very important election to all Dunwoody citizens and to those citizens in District One of DeKalb County. This election determines who will represent us on the DeKalb County (DC) Board of Commissioners. Meredy and I will be voting for Nancy Jester and I urge each of you to vote for her. Nancy lives here in Dunwoody and is a very smart and common sense oriented lady. For more information about Nancy please visit … NancyJester.com. You can Click here for the sample ballot for this runoff election. Ultimately who you vote for is your personal decision. You will be voting at your normal polling location and the polls are open from 7 AM to 7 PM. Make sure you bring a picture ID with you. Having one of our own fellow citizen represent us is very important. To have our voices heard we will need a maximum percentage of our registered voters to VOTE … so please vote.

Please pass this to your friends and neighbors and urge all of them to get to the polls today to vote! If you need transportation to the polls call me @ 678-246-9006.

Have a great day!