Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dunwoody Update: Thanks, Swearing-In, Storm Sewer Project, Paving, Christmas for Kids

1. Thanks … My sincere thanks to each of you for your support and encouragement through my campaign and election process that started on June 8, 2015. You were a major source of my strength! The welcome I received while walking through your neighborhoods reinforced something I already knew … Dunwoody is full of great citizens. Again THANKS!

2. Swearing-In Ceremony … My swearing-in ceremony will take place at city hall on January 4, 2016 at 6 PM. It will be the only item on the agenda that night so the meeting will be very short. Everyone is invited and I hope to see all of you there. Maybe we can go somewhere for a “beverage” after the ceremony.

3. Town Hall Meeting … My first Town Hall Meeting (THM) will take place on January 21, 2016 from 6 PM to 8 PM at the Social Hall at All Saints Catholic Church. In addition to the meeting I intend to conduct a short survey. Going forward my THMs will take place periodically at various locations throughout the city. Specific locations will depend on our ability to secure meeting space.

4. North Peachtree Rd and Delverton Dr Storm Sewer Project … I visited both of these projects yesterday with our city storm sewer expert, David Elliott. The N. Peachtree Rd project is one of the largest storm sewer projects we have had since becoming a city. Good progress has been made on this project to date and the weather will be a big factor in completion …so, pray for dry weather. The Delverton Dr project is also moving forward, but because the road has remained open, traffic flow is normal. Request you please drive carefully and slowly in the these construction areas and also respect the property of the neighbors.

5. Paving … Due to the delays with replacing the water pipes on Mt Vernon Rd the good weather for paving has passed. Thus the decision to pave Mt Vernon Rd has been rescheduled to early 2016. As one who has worked on a paving crew I fully agree with this decision. The weather that we have now is well below optimum conditions for paving. Paving in these conditions affects the quality and durability of the paving job. As most of you know, hot and dry conditions are optimum for paving. On another note, the DeKalb County (DC) Commissioners have approved the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with Dunwoody for installation of the water line on Chamblee Dunwoody Rd from Womack Rd to Roberts Dr. This IGA is structured like the Mt Vernon Rd Project. The project is bid as one contract with DC responsible for supervision and payment of the water line replacement and Dunwoody responsible for supervision and payment of paving, sidewalk, etc. This Chamblee Dunwoody project is slated to start in early 2016.

6. Christmas for Kids … Again this year our Dunwoody Police Department (DPD) continues its great work of collecting toys and non-perishable food items to bring to those in need this holiday season. The DPD will continue to collect these items through Christmas Day. They need new unwrapped toys and gifts for ages newborn through 15. You can drop these items off 24/7 at the Dunwoody Police Headquarters located at Dunwoody City Hall. I encourage you to share you blessings by supporting this most worthy cause.

7. Donation Dine-In … All day on December 21, Marlows Tavern will donate a percentage of your food and drink bill to our own Stage Door Players. Stop in and get a good meal and a beverage and you will be supporting the Performing Arts in our city at the same time.

8. Communications … It is important that all of us stay informed on what is happening in our city. I ask you to attend as many of our various meetings as possible, check our website ( frequently,  and sign up for Dunwoody E-News. Dunwoody E-News, which now has approx. 13,000 subscribers, is a brief email sent out weekly by the city and is full of information of upcoming events, etc. Sign up is easy … just go to this website …

9. That is all for tonight. Meredy and I send our greetings for a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah or whatever you celebrate this special season of the year. We also send our best wishes to each of you for a New Year filled with good health, continued success and most importantly …Happiness. In the New Year let each of us work to create an atmosphere of mutual respect that we all desire!

Let Us Continue To Build Our City Together!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Goals and Priorities

These are my top goals and priorities for this great community of Dunwoody. Make the time and vote tomorrow!

  1. Restore open and positive leadership for the city council and all citizens
  2. Bring an attitude that creates a mutual respect
  3. Stay true to the long term core values we promised the citizens when we became a city
  4. Work for local control of our schools including personal interaction with state legislators
  5. Use zoning to protect our residential neighborhoods
  6. Expedite paving schedule using surplus funds and reallocation of funds and maintain newly paved roads to extend life cycle
  7. Design scope of infrastructure projects to produce desired results at a reasonable cost
  8. Enhance parks and recreational facilities for use by citizens across the age spectrum
  9. Develop a 10-year Park Improvement Plan created by citizens committee ... not a costly consultant
  10. Maintain a right-sized police force that is responsive and efficient
  11. Continue fiscal prudence with tax payers dollars to preserve Dunwoody’s long term financial security

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Austin School

My position has been and remains that Austin School stays where it is currently located but let me clarify my stance with a simple statement on Austin School. I am strongly opposed to Austin School being moved outside its current neighborhood.  As Mayor I will fight hard to keep it at its current location.  But, after all options are exhausted that becomes impossible, I will work with DeKalb County Schools to consider relocating Austin to the ball fields.

In the mean time we all need to work hard with our representatives for the passage of HR 4, local control of schools, in the upcoming session of the Georgia Legislature.

Denny Shortal

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Poll Shows Shortal Ahead by Wide Margin

From the October 28, 2015 Dunwoody Crier

Dunwoody City Councilman Denis Shortal holds a commanding lead in the city’s mayor’s race, according to a poll commissioned by The Crier and conducted last week and Sunday.

Shortal has the support of 55 percent of those polled, while Mayor Mike Davis polls at 29.1 percent. Opinion Savvy’s target population was likely citywide voters and lists 431 respondents with a margin of error of plus or minus 4.5 percent.

That margin of error and the 10.3 percent undecided in the poll give Davis a glimmer of hope of driving Shortal below 50 percent in the election Nov. 3 and forcing a runoff vote.

Two other candidates are in the contest, with Steve Chipka polling less than 1 percent and Chris Grivakis gaining the support of five percent.
Shortal is an original member of the new city’s council and has served as mayor pro-tem since the city’s first elections. He won re-election to council two years ago.

Davis became the city’s second mayor four years ago. In a poll for The Crier in his 2011 election battle with Bob Dallas, Davis trailed but forced a runoff and won the seat.

In the citywide, at-large race for a District 1 city council post, the incumbent, Terry Nall shows the support of 60 percent of those polled while newcomer Becky Springer garners 28 percent support. The poll shows 12.3 percent undecided.

Breaking down the Opinion Savvy numbers shows Shortal leading in all age groups, races, sexes and parties. The closest demographic group was among voters aged 45 to 64 who chose Shortal by a margin of 42 percent to 38 percent and those 30-44 who chose Shortal by 54 percent to 46 percent.
Among voters older than 65 Shortal shows a commanding lead of 66 percent to 17 percent.

A similar pattern exists in the citywide council race. Nall wins every demographic group, winning older, likely voters by huge margins. Springer does defeat Nall among self-identified Democrats 44 percent to 39 percent. The election is non-partisan.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dunwoody Volunteer Day

Mayoral candidate Denny Shortal and a crew of civic minded citizens planting trees at Brook Run Park on Dunwoody Volunteer Day on Saturday, OCT 24, 2015. Denny started the Dunwoody Volunteer Coordination Committee in 2009 which was the sponsor of the Clean, Fix and Shine Up Dunwoody Day that is now called Dunwoody Volunteer Day. In the last three years volunteer crews have planted over 600 trees in Brook Run Park.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Busy Sunday in Dunwoody

I ran the Dunwoody Rotary's "Run Dunwoody 2015 5K Race" on Sunday morning. I used a calendar to time myself! Here I am crossing the finish line...
Denny Shortal crossing the finish line in the Run Dunwoody 5K

In the evening, I enjoyed myself at the Dunwoody Nature Center's "Autumn Friends and Donors Party."

Monday, October 5, 2015

Dunwoody Update: Voting, City Budget, Parks Plan, Safety, Campaign

1. Voter Registration … Today is the last date in DeKalb County to register to vote in the November 3, 2015 Dunwoody city elections. You can register on line at the website below anytime before 1159 PM tonight. You will need a valid GA Drivers License or GA ID. If you do not have a valid GA Drivers License or Ga ID you can still register on line and as you go thru the process you will have to enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security number. You can also register by filling out all the required forms and mailing the forms to … DeKalb County Election Supervisor, Memorial Drive Complex, 4380 Memorial Dr, Suite 300, Decatur, GA 30032-1239 … it will have to be post marked with today’s date … October 5th. The phone # for the DC Election Office is 404-298-4020.

2. Voting … What you need to know…
Absentee Voting … If there is a possibility you will be out of town on November 3rd you should vote absentee to insure you get to vote.

Ballot applications can be submitted by Fax (404-298-4038), email ( or US Mail (see the address in # 1 above) . Go to this website to get a ballot application -

Ballot will be mailed out to you starting October 12th (this is later than originally planned) … Fill it out and mailed it back to the address shown in # 1 above. You can also return it to the address shown in # 1 above in person.

Ballot must be received at the DeKalb County election office NLT 7 PM on November 3, 2015.

Early Voting in Person ….
The only location for early voting is 4380 Memorial Dr, Suite 330, Decatur, GA
Early voting starts October 12, 2015 and the hours are 8 AM to 4:30 PM on Monday through Friday only.
Last day to early vote is Friday, October 30th.

Election Day Voting … November 3 , 2015.
Voting is only at your normal local polling place … Voting hours are 7 AM to 7 PM.

3. 2016 Dunwoody City Budget … This budget can be seen on line at our Dunwoody City website … … or you can go direct to this website… The budget is a rather long document but if you look at the pages 8 - 13 and the last two pages you will have a good working knowledge of the budget. I would strongly encourage every citizen to take a close look at this budget and then contact your representative with your thoughts.

4. Parks Plan … The city is in the process of releasing a Request for Proposal (RFP) to rewrite the city parks plan. My plan is to form a Citizens Committee to rewrite the Parks Plan vs hiring a paid consultant. We can then use this money save for park enhancements. We have a lot of smart and interested citizens that can perform this task. The objective would be creating a 10 Year, Year by Year, Parks Plan to upgrade our parks. What are your thoughts?

5. Safety … We continue to have a lot of cars being broken into that are either unlocked or have valuable items in plain view. This is not only an inconvenience to the person it happens to but also takes up valuable police time that could be used by our police to patrol our city.

6. Campaign … My campaign is moving forward. I thanks each of you for your outstanding support. We have 29 days until election. I will continue to work each day to justify and earn your support. Also, mark your calendars for my “Election Night Countdown Party” at Marlow’s Tavern in Dunwoody Village starting at 7 PM.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Audio Interview with John Heneghan

Denny Shortal

I recently sat down with Dunwoody City Councilman John Heneghan for an interview. 
Please listen to the audio here:

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dunwoody City Council Post 1

The Georgia Constitution requires that I vacate my position as city council member/Mayor Pro Tem, representing the citizens of Dunwoody in District One, Post 1, upon qualifying as a candidate for the Mayor of Dunwoody. This year that qualification period is Aug. 31 through Sept. 2.
In my case the date I vacate my Council Member position is affected by my desire to have the Special Election on the same date as the regular election which will be held on Nov. 3.

Doing this will avoid the cost of having a separate Special Election at some later date, which would cost the city approximately $25,000. The next date allowed for a Special Election after Nov. 3, by state law, is in March 2016.

Having the election on Nov. 3 to fill my position on the Council will bring the Council back to full strength at the earliest possible date and avoid the cost of a separate Special Election. To have the Special Election on Nov. 3 there are certain deadlines that have to be met. Vacating my position on the Council during the qualification period, noted above, would not allow sufficient time to meet the advertising, qualification and ballot submission deadlines.

To meet these deadlines that would enable us to have the Special Election on Nov. 3, I have mutually agreed with our city election official, Sharon Lowery, Dunwoody City Clerk, to vacate my position as city council member District One, Post 1/Mayor Pro Tem effective at 5 p.m. on Aug. 19. Also on this date my city email address will be turned off, but you can contact me at

It has been my honor and privilege to serve the citizens of District One as your local council member and all the citizens of Dunwoody as your mayor pro tem for the past 6 plus years. I thank each of you for your dedication to our city and the personal support you have given me during my tenure.  I have announced that I am a candidate for Mayor of our city of Dunwoody. My name will be on the ballot at the Nov. 3, 2015 election and as it should be, you the citizens by your vote will decide if I will be your Mayor commencing Jan. 1, 2016. 

Denny Shortal
Dunwoody City Council, District One, Post 1

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It's a Boy!

My wife Meredy and I recently made a trip to Palo Alto, CA to meet our new grandchild, Cole. Lesley and Matt Shortal welcomed Cole to the world on July 2nd.

Monday, July 27, 2015

DeKalb County Water Alert

Dekalb County (DC) Water Alert … I just got off the phone with a DC Watershed Management spokesperson. You have probably already received a “robo call” from DC Watershed Management concerning the water consumption alert. According to the spokesperson I talked to she affirmed what the robo call message stated … as a precaution everyone in DC should bring all water they are going to use for any type of human consumption (drinking, cooking , baking, etc.) to a rolling boil for at least one minute prior to use for consumption. This precautionary alert is in effect until further notice. Currently there is not a timeline as to when the water alert will be lifted. I was told we will be notified by a robo call when the DC precautionary water alert has been lifted or you can go on line to DC Watershed Management at ….

The spokesperson said that the water is safe for showering, bathing, etc … just not for internal human consumption.

I hope the above information helps answer some of the question you may have.

Good News on the DeKalb County Water Alert

Dekalb County (DC) Water Advisory / Alert … Finally we have the good news we have all been waiting for ….. at 7:48 PM tonight, July 27, the “Boil Water Advisory / Alert”  was lifted by DeKalb County for the entire County with includes Dunwoody. More than 100 samples passed the test for contamination. Thus, water usage is back to normal. You can get more information by going on line to DC Watershed Management at ….

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dunwoody Update: Household Hazardous Waste Event

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Disposal Event …. This Sunday, July 26, from 1 - 4 PM the city will host a HHW disposal event at Georgia Perimeter College - 2101 Womack Rd - parking lot 11. Note this is only open for Dunwoody residents. See information below.  

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dunwoody 4th of July Parade

It was a wet, but great day at the Dunwoody 4th of July Parade!

We had a great time marching in the Dunwoody 4th of July Parade!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

District 1 Councilors Hold Town Hall

By Steven Spencer in the Dunwoody Crier

With his mayoral campaign in full swing, Dunwoody City Councilman and Mayor Pro tem Denis Shortal held the last District One town hall meeting last week before the big election in November. Along with his fellow District One councilman, Terry Nall, Shortal covered a wide range of topics currently affecting the citizens of Dunwoody and DeKalb County. First on the agenda for the night was the issue of sanitation. Beginning Monday, July 6, DeKalb County will initiate a “Once a Week” pickup plan for trash. For most citizens, the new pickup days will occur on the same day that recycling is currently picked up. All citizens will receive a 65 gallon green container from the start, but alternate sized bins will become available as the program progresses. Shortal and Nall also touched on the matter of paving roads in Dunwoody, and how such paving would affect already troublesome traffic conditions in the afternoon. Out of consideration for local residents, Dunwoody will not pursue night-paving, as it is a nuisance to those trying to sleep and also relatively more expensive. The extra traffic delays caused by daytime paving are just some of the “inconveniences of enhancements,” Shortal said. Chamblee Dunwoody Road, one of the streets in Dunwoody that needs repaving the most at the moment, will get just that in the summer of 2016. The end goal for Dunwoody is to move to a plan that would require the repaving of roads on a 20-year rotation instead of the more commonly used 50-year cycle. “Very few things last for fifty years. Unless the streets are made of steel, they need to be repaved sooner,” Shortal said. The subject of future projects at Brook Run Park also came up Wednesday night. Nall expressed interest in seeing the creation of lacrosse, football, and soccer fields in the near future. Shortal and Nall also reminded the citizens of Dunwoody that Brook Run Park must reserve seventy per cent of its area for “green space,” meaning any upcoming developments need to maximize the use of the allotted land. All in all, Shortal and Nall asserted that Dunwoody does work as a city and is running well. Shortal, however, says he believes that more progress could be made with a change in leadership, and is poised to challenge Mayor Mike Davis in the upcoming election. A fiscal conservative, Shortal says, if elected, he intends to lead Dunwoody in a way that promotes a more positive atmosphere.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Elect Denis Shortal Mayor of Dunwoody Campaign Kickoff

Over 100 citizens gathered on the deck of Marlowe's Tavern to mingle, hear speeches and sign volunteer cards to help...
Posted by Citizens for Denis Shortal on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dunwoody Update: Town Hall, Sanitation, Government 101 Class, Hazardous Waste Recycling, 4th of July Parade, Other Events

1. Town Hall Meeting … Your District One Council Members, Terry Nall and myself, will hold our annual Town Hall Citizens meeting tomorrow night, Thursday,  from 7 to 9 PM and the beautiful Dunwoody Nature Center. This is not only for District One citizens but for all the citizens of our city … everyone is invited and everyone is welcome! Posters of projects will be on display for your viewing and input. We will both give a short presentation and then we will open it up to questions and answers in an open forum format. If we don’t know the answer to your question we will get you the answer.

2. Sanitation Pick-Up … DeKalb County will start the “Once a Week” sanitation pick-up on Monday, July 6th. This means that everyone in DC will be on a “Once a Week” pick up schedule starting July 6th. You should have been notified of which day of the week is your pick-up but the general rule is it will be on the same day as your recycle pick-up has been occurring. Most of you should have your new trash containers but even if you haven't have received the new container the “Once a Week” pick-up will still start on July 6th. Concerning trash containers … everyone will initially get a 65 gallon green container. For those wanting either a 35 or 45 gallon container you can call DC Sanitation @ 404-294-2900 and put you name on the list to receive the size container you requested when it comes in stock. These containers are estimated to be in stock sometime this fall. When these containers do come in stock, DC will deliver the new container to your home and pick up the 65 gallon container from you. For those of you wanting 95 gallon green container or a 65 gallon blue recycle container you will have to wait until after OCT 1, 2015 to put your name on the list to get one … call the same Ph number as above. For each of these two containers there will be a one time $15 charge. A quick note on placement of any of these containers at the curb … there is a silver horizontal bar on the front of the container and this bar should be facing the street when the container is placed at the curb.

3. Government 101 Class of 2015 … Applications for this highly popular class are now being accepted. It is an 8 week course held on Tuesday evening at City Hall from 6 - 8 PM . The classes start on JUL 7 and conclude on AUG 24. To sign up go to … Government 101 Sign-Up NOW OPEN!  The class is designed to enhance residents’ understanding of city government and services. Experience and discover how the city works and what is being done to make the City of Dunwoody a great place to live.

4. Dunwoody's Bi-Annual Household Hazardous Waste Recycling … This popular event will take place on JUL 26, 2015 at the Georgia Perimeter College, Parking Lot 11 off Womack Rd from 1 - 4 PM … rain or shine. Since this is a cost item for the city only Dunwoody residents will be allowed to drop items off. For items that are and are not accepted go to our city website …  … and under the “For Residents” tab click on the “City Calendar” tab.

5. Dunwoody”s Independence Day Parade … This annual premier event - which is the largest July 4th Parade in Georgia - will kick off from it usual starting point at All Saints Catholic Church / Sprouts Market at 9 AM on Saturday July 4th. The entire parade route will be open so get there early to get yourself a prime viewing location. If you keep a sharp lookout I bet you will see me in the parade.

6. Other Events …
JUN 30th … 6 PM … Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) Community Open House at City Hall … This is one of the last CLUP meetings so come with your inputs.
JUL 2nd   … 6 PM … Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting at City Hall.
JUL 9th    … 7:45 AM … Sustainability Committee Meeting at City Hall.

7. That is all from here for today.  Please pass this on to all your friends, neighbors, members of your HOA or anyone else you think maybe interested. If anyone would like to be added to my email list please let me know and I will make that happen. Thanks for your continued support and remember that each of us have a stake in our City and we are all neighbors so lets treat each other with respect and kindness. If you haven’t visited our new city website I recommend you give it a try at Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mayoral Campaign Kickoff Invitation

My Fellow Citizens of Dunwoody …

As most of you know I announced last Tuesday that I am a candidate for the office of Mayor of our City of Dunwoody. The election will be held on November 3, 2015 at your normal polling place. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to vote early either in person or by absentee ballot.

I will bring a “More open and positive leadership style to all the citizens" of our fine city. I will work to bring all of us closer together as a more unified citizenry to make our city more friendly, clean, safe and a place where you and I can and want to spend our entire lives. I will do this by continually emphasizing the core values that we promised when we became a city.

Georgia State Constitution requires that I vacate my current office of City Council Member, District One, Post 1 and Mayor Pro Tem on the day that I qualify (sign up to run) for the office of Mayor. I will qualify for the office of Mayor on the last qualification day, Sepember 2, 2015. By qualifying on that date I will be able to continue to serve the citizens of District One until the last possible day. This will also prevent the triggering of a special election thus saving our city the cost of conducting a special election. My City Council position will be voted on at the normal election date of November 3, 2015.

Every race starts with the first step and my first step to become your Mayor will begin with my Mayoral Campaign Kickoff at Marlow’s Tavern next Tuesday, June 23, 2015 from 7 - 8:30 PM. See flyer below. I look forward to seeing you on June 23rd. Please pass this on to your friends, neighbors, members of your HOA or anyone else you think maybe interested. Everyone is welcome!

Thanks, Denis “Denny" Shortal, 2015 Candidate for Mayor of Dunwoody

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Shortal to challenge Davis in 2015 Dunwoody contest

By Dick Williams in the June 10, 2015 edition of the Dunwoody Crier

Denis Shortal, a Dunwoody city councilman and the city’s mayor pro-tem, told The Crier Monday he would challenge Mayor Mike Davis in the November city election.

Shortal is a Marine general and retired airline pilot who was elected to represent District 1 when Dunwoody became a city.

He is known for his fiscal prudence.

To win his post and to win re-election in 2013, Shortal tapped into the Wynterhall and Wyntercreek neighborhoods, his long service as a coach at St. Jude Catholic Church and Dunwoody Seniors baseball. In the re-election year, Shortal was opposed by a “Save Dunwoody” candidate and knocked on enough doors to win 58 percent of the vote.

“I have been honored in the past six plus years to serve our citizens in our new city,” said Shortal, “and moving forward I can provide a better style of open and positive leadership for all the citizens of Dunwoody.”

He stated that he would work to unify citizens by staying true to the long term core values that were promised when Dunwoody became a city - small efficient government with top notch services, better zoning and land use, low taxes while maintaining an adequate reserve fund, a plan to fix the infrastructure on a “fix the worst first” basis, a “right size” police force, a preservation of our assets, improvement of our recreational facilities and enhancement of our schools.

Davis has not officially declared his candidacy but has held two fund-raisers to begin the campaign ahead of any challengers in campaign funds.

Shortal will stay on the council until he qualifies for mayor in September. Following state law, his qualification makes his post vacant, triggering a special election for his seat on the general election ballot.

Shortal said he planned to kick off his campaign June 23 at 7 p.m. at Marlow’s Tavern in Dunwoody Village.

Dunwoody Update: DeKalb CEO, Dunwoody Village Townhomes

1. DeKalb County (DC) CEO … DC CEO Lee May will be hold a “Town Hall” meeting tomorrow evening Jun 10th at Dunwoody City Hall. Lee is very open and straight forward with his comments. Let us get a big crowd to attend and listen to what Lee has to say.

2. Proposed Townhomes (81) in Dunwoody Village (DV) … Last night’s CC Meeting …. On the first resolution to amend the DV Master Plan (DVMP) Section of the Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map from Small Scale Office to For Sale Residential to allow for construction of townhomes the resolution failed 2 - 5. I voted against the resolution.

The second resolution was to rezone the entire property noted in the first resolution from Office-Institution (O-I) to Multi-Dwelling Residential District (RM-100) to allow for the construction of an 81-unit townhome development. This motion failed for lack of a second. Then there was a motion to defer this second resolution, which was questioned but allowed, and the deferral passed 4 -3 … I voted against the deferral. The reasons I opposed this development was that it doesn’t comply with the DV Master Plan concerning living quarters for “empty nesters / senior population” as the townhomes don’t have a master bedroom, bath and kitchen facilities on the first floor, doesn’t provide for “green space” as stated in the DVMP and doesn’t provide for proper height buffering for the single family residential that are behind the development. What are your thoughts?

3. That is all from here as it is almost time to hit the rack! Please pass this on to all your friends, neighbors, members of your HOA or anyone else you think maybe interested. If anyone would like to be added to my email list please let me know and I will make that happen. Thanks for your continued support and remember that each of us have stake in our City and we are all neighbors so lets treat each other with respect and kindness. If you haven’t visited our new city website I recommend you give it a try at

Let Us Continue To Build Our City Together

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dunwoody Update: Town Hall, Shred Day, Paving

1. Town Hall Meeting … The first of the series of Town Hall meetings will be tomorrow night (Wed APR 29th) at the Georgia Perimeter College (GPC) Auditorium from 6 - 8 PM. Mayor Davis and new City Manager Eric Linton will conduct the meeting. There will be three more Town Hall meetings this year. These meetings will be held in each of our three Districts and will be hosted by your two council members from the respective District. Dates, times and locations of those meeting will be announced later.

2. Community Shred Day … This Saturday, May 2nd, from 9 AM  to 12 PM at Harry Norman Realtors, 4848 Ashford Dunwoody Rd there will be a shredding event. The event is free. Our thanks to the sponsors … the folks at Harry Norman Realtors and the ladies of the Dunwoody Women’s Club for their great community service. Some details … you can leave staples in, no hard drives, no 3 ring binders, you can watch your stuff be shredded, limits of 5 boxes / household and you must stay with your items at all times.

3. Paving 2015 … Paving is a good thing! At last night’s city council we approved the 2015 street paving list. Allied Paving was the low bid at $1,420,615. By law, unless there are some very unusual circumstances, we are required to take the low bid. Allied did the initial paving in the city and also did the DV Parkway last year. Except for the two streets listed for “crack sealing” all the streets on the list are slated to be paved this year, including the supplemental streets. The supplemental streets are all low rated streets taken in order by year off future year’s paving list. Our efforts is to get started on this paving NLT the end of this school year. Mt Vernon Rd is also slated to be paved this year, after the water pipe installation, and it is on a separate bid. Pls remember that during paving … patience will be required by all of us. About the July timeframe we are going to revisit our budget and if extra funds are available we are going to try to pave additional streets this year. Below is a list of the streets to be paved …

Friday, February 27, 2015

Dunwoody Update: City Council Meeting Format, Mt. Vernon Water Pipe, Paving, CLUP

1. City Council's Meeting Format Change … In an effort to make our City Council meetings more efficient we have changed the format somewhat. First just to verify, the dates have NOT changed … the meetings will be still held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. The basic change in the format is that instead of having a work session at 6 PM followed by a council meeting at 7 PM we will only have a City Council meeting and it will start at 6 PM. The old Work Session has been Incorporated into the City Council meeting itself. The effort is to make the meetings flow smoother and thus get everyone home at a more reasonable hour. In summary, starting with our City Council meeting on March 9 all City Council meetings will start at 6 PM and there will no longer be a meeting entitled “Work Session.”

2. Mt Vernon Rd Water Pipe Replacement and Paving Project … as you already know, we set up an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with DeKalb County to combine the water pipe replacement Into one bid to move this project along. We have been unable to pave Mount Vernon Rd and Chamblee Dunwoody Rd the last two years as the water pipe replacement that needs to be done by DeKalb County must be done prior to paving. Your city council approve this IGA contract in December, 2014 and send it to DeKalb County. With the help of our DeKalb County Board of Commissioners representative, Nancy Jester, this was approved by DeKalb County at their meeting last Tuesday. Construction to replace the water pipes should commence within 1 to 2 weeks. During this time there will be some temporary lane closures. All of us will have to exercise patience during the construction period. This waterpipe replacement will take from 6 to 8 months and extends from Ashford Dunnwoody Road to Vernon Oaks Dr. Our push is to get the waterpipe replacement completed and still have optimum weather conditions in 2014 to do the repaving on Mount Vernon Rd. During this entire project there will also be sidewalks installed along this area on Mount Vernon Rd.

3. Other 2015 Paving Projects … Other than the paving on Mt Vernon Rd and Chamblee Dunwoody Rd the Request For Proposal (RFP) for paving all other streets on our 2015 Paving Plan will be released in March and the City Council should vote on the selected paving contract at our April meeting. Paving of all these streets is scheduled to start in conjunction with schools closing for the summer to cut down on traffic congestion. As above, during the paving process patience will by required be all of us.

4. Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) Rewrite … All cities are required by law to have a CLUP and it must be updated every 5 years. This is a legal document that projects the vision of what we want our city to be over the next 20 years. The Dunwoody CLUP  is up for rewrite this year. We are seeking input from all our citizens in the rewrite of our CLUP. Last night we had our first "Shape Dunwoody” citizen meeting concerning the CLUP rewrite and approx. 100 citizens showed up to have their views heard. My thanks to all those that participated. The second such meeting will be this Monday, March 2nd at the Dunwoody Library starting at 6:30 PM … make plans to attend and let us hear your future vision of our city. There will also be an on-line survey on our city website in the late May or early June time frame.

5. Follow Up …. In NOV, 2013 I sent out the below update concerning the Dunwoody E-news Blast. To date, over 11,000 citizens have signed up. I encourage everyone to sign up. The Dunwoody Email Blast is informative and concise. Just this last week it was use for information on street conditions, weather conditions and closure of City Hall due to inclement weather. Instructions on how the sign up are below ...
 Dunwoody E-news Blast List ... To keep everyone better informed of what is going on in our city we now send out a "city weekly e-news blast." This goes out to all our citizens who are on the city email list. The following is the official information on why the e-news blast and how to sign up… "The City of Dunwoody is committed to encouraging and facilitating active citizen engagement. To keep up with everything going on in Dunwoody, you can sign up for weekly email updates at
or check our website at”

6. Upcoming Events:
Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting … March 3 at 7pm … City Hall
City Council Meeting ... March 9 at 6 PM … City Hall
Planning Commission Meeting … March 10 at 7 PM … City Hall
Sustainability Committee Meeting … March 12 at 7:45 AM … City Hall
Perimeter Center Zoning Project Meeting … March 19 at 6 PM … City Hall

7.  That is all for today so I best end this update. Please pass this on to all your friends, neighbors, members of your HOA or anyone else you think maybe interested. If anyone would like to be added to my email list please let me know and I will make that happen. Thanks for your continued support and remember, that each have stake in our City and we are all neighbors so lets treat each other with respect and kindness.

Let Us Continue To Build Our City Together