Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Elect Denis Shortal Mayor of Dunwoody Campaign Kickoff

Over 100 citizens gathered on the deck of Marlowe's Tavern to mingle, hear speeches and sign volunteer cards to help...
Posted by Citizens for Denis Shortal on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dunwoody Update: Town Hall, Sanitation, Government 101 Class, Hazardous Waste Recycling, 4th of July Parade, Other Events

1. Town Hall Meeting … Your District One Council Members, Terry Nall and myself, will hold our annual Town Hall Citizens meeting tomorrow night, Thursday,  from 7 to 9 PM and the beautiful Dunwoody Nature Center. This is not only for District One citizens but for all the citizens of our city … everyone is invited and everyone is welcome! Posters of projects will be on display for your viewing and input. We will both give a short presentation and then we will open it up to questions and answers in an open forum format. If we don’t know the answer to your question we will get you the answer.

2. Sanitation Pick-Up … DeKalb County will start the “Once a Week” sanitation pick-up on Monday, July 6th. This means that everyone in DC will be on a “Once a Week” pick up schedule starting July 6th. You should have been notified of which day of the week is your pick-up but the general rule is it will be on the same day as your recycle pick-up has been occurring. Most of you should have your new trash containers but even if you haven't have received the new container the “Once a Week” pick-up will still start on July 6th. Concerning trash containers … everyone will initially get a 65 gallon green container. For those wanting either a 35 or 45 gallon container you can call DC Sanitation @ 404-294-2900 and put you name on the list to receive the size container you requested when it comes in stock. These containers are estimated to be in stock sometime this fall. When these containers do come in stock, DC will deliver the new container to your home and pick up the 65 gallon container from you. For those of you wanting 95 gallon green container or a 65 gallon blue recycle container you will have to wait until after OCT 1, 2015 to put your name on the list to get one … call the same Ph number as above. For each of these two containers there will be a one time $15 charge. A quick note on placement of any of these containers at the curb … there is a silver horizontal bar on the front of the container and this bar should be facing the street when the container is placed at the curb.

3. Government 101 Class of 2015 … Applications for this highly popular class are now being accepted. It is an 8 week course held on Tuesday evening at City Hall from 6 - 8 PM . The classes start on JUL 7 and conclude on AUG 24. To sign up go to … Government 101 Sign-Up NOW OPEN!  The class is designed to enhance residents’ understanding of city government and services. Experience and discover how the city works and what is being done to make the City of Dunwoody a great place to live.

4. Dunwoody's Bi-Annual Household Hazardous Waste Recycling … This popular event will take place on JUL 26, 2015 at the Georgia Perimeter College, Parking Lot 11 off Womack Rd from 1 - 4 PM … rain or shine. Since this is a cost item for the city only Dunwoody residents will be allowed to drop items off. For items that are and are not accepted go to our city website …  … and under the “For Residents” tab click on the “City Calendar” tab.

5. Dunwoody”s Independence Day Parade … This annual premier event - which is the largest July 4th Parade in Georgia - will kick off from it usual starting point at All Saints Catholic Church / Sprouts Market at 9 AM on Saturday July 4th. The entire parade route will be open so get there early to get yourself a prime viewing location. If you keep a sharp lookout I bet you will see me in the parade.

6. Other Events …
JUN 30th … 6 PM … Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) Community Open House at City Hall … This is one of the last CLUP meetings so come with your inputs.
JUL 2nd   … 6 PM … Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting at City Hall.
JUL 9th    … 7:45 AM … Sustainability Committee Meeting at City Hall.

7. That is all from here for today.  Please pass this on to all your friends, neighbors, members of your HOA or anyone else you think maybe interested. If anyone would like to be added to my email list please let me know and I will make that happen. Thanks for your continued support and remember that each of us have a stake in our City and we are all neighbors so lets treat each other with respect and kindness. If you haven’t visited our new city website I recommend you give it a try at Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mayoral Campaign Kickoff Invitation

My Fellow Citizens of Dunwoody …

As most of you know I announced last Tuesday that I am a candidate for the office of Mayor of our City of Dunwoody. The election will be held on November 3, 2015 at your normal polling place. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to vote early either in person or by absentee ballot.

I will bring a “More open and positive leadership style to all the citizens" of our fine city. I will work to bring all of us closer together as a more unified citizenry to make our city more friendly, clean, safe and a place where you and I can and want to spend our entire lives. I will do this by continually emphasizing the core values that we promised when we became a city.

Georgia State Constitution requires that I vacate my current office of City Council Member, District One, Post 1 and Mayor Pro Tem on the day that I qualify (sign up to run) for the office of Mayor. I will qualify for the office of Mayor on the last qualification day, Sepember 2, 2015. By qualifying on that date I will be able to continue to serve the citizens of District One until the last possible day. This will also prevent the triggering of a special election thus saving our city the cost of conducting a special election. My City Council position will be voted on at the normal election date of November 3, 2015.

Every race starts with the first step and my first step to become your Mayor will begin with my Mayoral Campaign Kickoff at Marlow’s Tavern next Tuesday, June 23, 2015 from 7 - 8:30 PM. See flyer below. I look forward to seeing you on June 23rd. Please pass this on to your friends, neighbors, members of your HOA or anyone else you think maybe interested. Everyone is welcome!

Thanks, Denis “Denny" Shortal, 2015 Candidate for Mayor of Dunwoody

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Shortal to challenge Davis in 2015 Dunwoody contest

By Dick Williams in the June 10, 2015 edition of the Dunwoody Crier

Denis Shortal, a Dunwoody city councilman and the city’s mayor pro-tem, told The Crier Monday he would challenge Mayor Mike Davis in the November city election.

Shortal is a Marine general and retired airline pilot who was elected to represent District 1 when Dunwoody became a city.

He is known for his fiscal prudence.

To win his post and to win re-election in 2013, Shortal tapped into the Wynterhall and Wyntercreek neighborhoods, his long service as a coach at St. Jude Catholic Church and Dunwoody Seniors baseball. In the re-election year, Shortal was opposed by a “Save Dunwoody” candidate and knocked on enough doors to win 58 percent of the vote.

“I have been honored in the past six plus years to serve our citizens in our new city,” said Shortal, “and moving forward I can provide a better style of open and positive leadership for all the citizens of Dunwoody.”

He stated that he would work to unify citizens by staying true to the long term core values that were promised when Dunwoody became a city - small efficient government with top notch services, better zoning and land use, low taxes while maintaining an adequate reserve fund, a plan to fix the infrastructure on a “fix the worst first” basis, a “right size” police force, a preservation of our assets, improvement of our recreational facilities and enhancement of our schools.

Davis has not officially declared his candidacy but has held two fund-raisers to begin the campaign ahead of any challengers in campaign funds.

Shortal will stay on the council until he qualifies for mayor in September. Following state law, his qualification makes his post vacant, triggering a special election for his seat on the general election ballot.

Shortal said he planned to kick off his campaign June 23 at 7 p.m. at Marlow’s Tavern in Dunwoody Village.

Dunwoody Update: DeKalb CEO, Dunwoody Village Townhomes

1. DeKalb County (DC) CEO … DC CEO Lee May will be hold a “Town Hall” meeting tomorrow evening Jun 10th at Dunwoody City Hall. Lee is very open and straight forward with his comments. Let us get a big crowd to attend and listen to what Lee has to say.

2. Proposed Townhomes (81) in Dunwoody Village (DV) … Last night’s CC Meeting …. On the first resolution to amend the DV Master Plan (DVMP) Section of the Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map from Small Scale Office to For Sale Residential to allow for construction of townhomes the resolution failed 2 - 5. I voted against the resolution.

The second resolution was to rezone the entire property noted in the first resolution from Office-Institution (O-I) to Multi-Dwelling Residential District (RM-100) to allow for the construction of an 81-unit townhome development. This motion failed for lack of a second. Then there was a motion to defer this second resolution, which was questioned but allowed, and the deferral passed 4 -3 … I voted against the deferral. The reasons I opposed this development was that it doesn’t comply with the DV Master Plan concerning living quarters for “empty nesters / senior population” as the townhomes don’t have a master bedroom, bath and kitchen facilities on the first floor, doesn’t provide for “green space” as stated in the DVMP and doesn’t provide for proper height buffering for the single family residential that are behind the development. What are your thoughts?

3. That is all from here as it is almost time to hit the rack! Please pass this on to all your friends, neighbors, members of your HOA or anyone else you think maybe interested. If anyone would like to be added to my email list please let me know and I will make that happen. Thanks for your continued support and remember that each of us have stake in our City and we are all neighbors so lets treat each other with respect and kindness. If you haven’t visited our new city website I recommend you give it a try at

Let Us Continue To Build Our City Together