Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Shortal to challenge Davis in 2015 Dunwoody contest

By Dick Williams in the June 10, 2015 edition of the Dunwoody Crier

Denis Shortal, a Dunwoody city councilman and the city’s mayor pro-tem, told The Crier Monday he would challenge Mayor Mike Davis in the November city election.

Shortal is a Marine general and retired airline pilot who was elected to represent District 1 when Dunwoody became a city.

He is known for his fiscal prudence.

To win his post and to win re-election in 2013, Shortal tapped into the Wynterhall and Wyntercreek neighborhoods, his long service as a coach at St. Jude Catholic Church and Dunwoody Seniors baseball. In the re-election year, Shortal was opposed by a “Save Dunwoody” candidate and knocked on enough doors to win 58 percent of the vote.

“I have been honored in the past six plus years to serve our citizens in our new city,” said Shortal, “and moving forward I can provide a better style of open and positive leadership for all the citizens of Dunwoody.”

He stated that he would work to unify citizens by staying true to the long term core values that were promised when Dunwoody became a city - small efficient government with top notch services, better zoning and land use, low taxes while maintaining an adequate reserve fund, a plan to fix the infrastructure on a “fix the worst first” basis, a “right size” police force, a preservation of our assets, improvement of our recreational facilities and enhancement of our schools.

Davis has not officially declared his candidacy but has held two fund-raisers to begin the campaign ahead of any challengers in campaign funds.

Shortal will stay on the council until he qualifies for mayor in September. Following state law, his qualification makes his post vacant, triggering a special election for his seat on the general election ballot.

Shortal said he planned to kick off his campaign June 23 at 7 p.m. at Marlow’s Tavern in Dunwoody Village.