Monday, November 2, 2015

Goals and Priorities

These are my top goals and priorities for this great community of Dunwoody. Make the time and vote tomorrow!

  1. Restore open and positive leadership for the city council and all citizens
  2. Bring an attitude that creates a mutual respect
  3. Stay true to the long term core values we promised the citizens when we became a city
  4. Work for local control of our schools including personal interaction with state legislators
  5. Use zoning to protect our residential neighborhoods
  6. Expedite paving schedule using surplus funds and reallocation of funds and maintain newly paved roads to extend life cycle
  7. Design scope of infrastructure projects to produce desired results at a reasonable cost
  8. Enhance parks and recreational facilities for use by citizens across the age spectrum
  9. Develop a 10-year Park Improvement Plan created by citizens committee ... not a costly consultant
  10. Maintain a right-sized police force that is responsive and efficient
  11. Continue fiscal prudence with tax payers dollars to preserve Dunwoody’s long term financial security