Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dunwoody Update: Mt. Vernon Paving, Chamblee Dunwoody Water Line, Garbage Cart Resizing, Safety, Parks, Elections

1. Paving Mt Vernon Rd ... This is an immediate item. Current plans are for the paving of Mt Vernon Road between Vernon Oaks Dr and Ashford Dunwoody Rd will started tonight, Sunday, April 3rd at around 7 PM until approx. 6 AM daily. This will be our first try at night paving. The paving company had a paving crew available and with our schools being on spring break this week we thought we would take advantage of the opportunity. The are some residents that will be affected but the majority of the work is being done in the commercial areas of Mt Vernon Rd. We solicit your comment on the night paving. The first two to three days will be milling and deep patching. After milling and until we get the asphalt topcoat down the pavement will be rough. I recommend that to the maximum extent possible you avoid this area completely by taking alternate routes to and from your destinations. If all goes well and the weather cooperates the process will take at two to three weeks. Patience will be required by all of us. This is progress and there is no magic wand to make this progress happen immediately. Lets all be kind to each other while the paving is ongoing. At the Mt Vernon Rd and Chamblee Dunwoody Rd intersection we will pave a few feet around the corner north and south on Chamblee Dunwoody Rd.

2. The Chamblee Dunwoody Rd Water Line Project … We have made good progress in the first five weeks of this project despite hitting some unmarked gas and water lines. The water line from Roberts Dr and up Nandina Ln is complete except for the tie-in at the end of Nandina to the new water line on Mt Vernon. Work will now be started to install the new water line on Chamblee Dunwoody Rd, south of Mt Vernon down to Womack Rd. Our objective is to get the water completed down to Womack in time to pave Chamblee Dunwoody Rd from Roberts Dr to Womack Rd in this year's paving season. With the progress we have made so far on this project and barring the unforeseen this objective is well within our reach.

3. DC Garbage Roll Cart Resizing Phase II Program … Residents of Dunwoody who have ordered resized green roll cart or the 65 gallon blue recycling roll cart have been getting their orders filled. Below is the instruction information I copied off the DC website …

DeKalb County’s Sanitation Division announced the implementation of Phase II of the Rolling Forward to One sanitation service change.  Phase II of the program provides residential customers in the City of Dunwoody with an opportunity to:
1. Rightsize your green garbage roll carts -- this involves switching to/from a 35-, 45-, 65- or 95-gallon green garbage roll cart. (Please note, a one-time, non-recurring $15 prepaid charge and mandatory recycling subscription will apply for all 95-gallon green garbage roll cart requests.)
2. Obtain additional green garbage roll carts beyond the one provided by the County during Phase I (Prepaid additional annual sanitation assessment fees and mandatory recycling subscription will apply.)
3. Request a 65-gallon blue recycling roll cart (a one-time, non-recurring $15 prepaid fee will apply)
To process one or more of these requests, residential customers can visit, click on the Sanitation Service Change Phase II link, complete and email the Residential Roll Cart Application to, or drop off or mail in a printed copy along with necessary payment at/to: Sanitation Division, Administrative Office, 3720 Leroy Scott Drive, Decatur, GA 30032.

4. Stay Informed … The City of Dunwoody puts out a weekly “Dunwoody E-News” that come out ever Friday. You can get this through various social media sources … email, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc. The purpose of this E-News is just to help keep you informed on what is happening in our city. We are not trying to sell you anything and we don’t give out your information. This has proven very popular and we have over 13,000 signed up to receive the "Dunwoody E-News.” I encourage each of you to make use of this informational tool. To sign up click on Manage Preferences below …
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5. Safety … Folks we have to pay more attention to stopping when someone is in a Crosswalk. It is not only the law but it is also just good common sense. A lot of those using the crosswalks are our students going to and from school. I can assure our police are paying very close attention to this issue. While talking about safety I ask everyone to observe the posted speed limits. Our city is only approx. five miles east to west  and four mile north to south and considering traffic you are not going to get somewhere much faster by speeding. Use the “10 minute rule” … leave 10 minutes earlier than required to get to your destination and you will have a safe and relaxing drive.

6. Parks Master Plan Survey … This was mailed out on MAR 26th to 5,000 randomly selected citizens. You input is important. If you received this survey please take the time to fill it out. For those who didn’t rx a random survey the survey will be available on approx. APR 15 on our website.

7. Elections … May 24, 2016 is the date for the General (State and Local) Primary Election, Nonpartisan General Election and Special Runoff Election. To vote in this election, I trust all of you will, you must be registered to vote NLT Apr 26, 2016. You can register to vote, change your address and/or name on your current registration record on-line at …

8. City Events …
a. City Council Meetings ... APR 11th and 25th starting at 6 PM at City Hall.
b. Stage Door Players … The current show “Hail Mary” has 6 more shows. APR 8, 9 & 10 and 16,17 & 18. The tickets are selling quickly so call the theater (770-396-1726) for tickets ASAP.
c. Lemonade Days …The ever popular annual event run by the Dunwoody Preservation Trust (DPT) will be held 13 - 17 APR at Brook Run Park. All proceeds to enhance the city recreational properties managed by the DPT.
d. Monarchs and Margaritas (and Moonshine?)… This popular event will be held on APR 30th from 6 - 9 PM at the DNC in Dunwoody Park (new location this year).

9. That is all for this evening. Please pass this on to your friends, neighbors and members of your HOA. If anyone wants to be added to my email list just let me know. Thanks for all each of you do to make us a great city. Let us all work to create an atmosphere of mutual respect that we all desire!

Let Us Continue to Build Our City Together!