Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dunwoody Update: City Hall & Attorney Legal Opinion

1. City Hall … Big day forward for Dunwoody! As of today the citizens of Dunwoody own the building that will be our new city hall. The much advertised building is located at 4800 Ashford Dunwoody Rd and
the current name on the building is Community & Southern Bank … just north of Chili’s restaurant. The owner ask $8,500,000 and we paid $8.050,000 or approx. $179 / square foot which is $50 -70 below new construction cost. The new city hall, which was completed in 1995, sits on 3.26 scares and includes 180 parking spots. The building is 45,000 square feet and when the "build out” is complete the city will occupy the entire building. Some tenants will have to move and this will be followed by the “build out” to fit our needs. Conservatively we will occupy the building in the first quarter 2018 but our push is to be in earlier. We have secured a loan at a 1.98% interest rate.

2. Attorney Legal Opinion / Dunwoody Boards and Committees Conflict of Interest Issue and Meeting Legality … On 24 JUN 2016 at a Special Called meeting the Dunwoody City Council voted to seek outside legal opinion to address two issues (1) whether the 13 JUN 2016 executive session was proper and (2) whether the outside firm agreed with the 6 JUN 2016 Memorandum from our city attorneys regarding conflicts of interest of DHA Officers, Boards Members and Members serving on four ( Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals, Design Review Advisory Committee, Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals) of the 13 Dunwoody City Boards and Committees. After an open and competitive bid the law firm of Hulsey, Oliver and Mahar, LLP out of Gainesville, GA was select by the city manager. This firm has or is currently representing 35 GA State agencies or authorities and county and city government on various governmental legal matters.  The lead attorney was Abbott Hayes. The findings and opinions of the firm are attached below and basically the firm determine that (1) the executive session of 13 JUN 2016 "was proper” and  (2) that “active participation by Dunwoody elected officials and appointees in DHA activities, such as service on committees, service as an officer, and attendance at meetings to consider rezoning and other applications made to the city, is a conflict of interest that arguably tends to impair the independence of his or her judgement or action in the performance of official duties, in violation of City Charter 2-213(a) (1).”  Many of you have voiced your opinion on these two issues … I ask you to read the document and then send me feedback to … Denis Shortal <>. I am interested in what you have to say. Where do we go from … at the 12 SEP 2016 city council meeting Abbott Hayes will personally be at the meeting to brief us and take questions from the Council. At a later regular open meeting the Council Members will decide what action to take.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dunwoody Update: Tonight's Storm, Paving

1. Tonight’s Storm … I just received a call from Georgia Power and I know some of our citizens are without power especially on the south end of Dunwoody tonight. The Georgia Power representative informed me that one of their main transformers got hit and that they have all crews out working on the problem but they do not have an exact time when full power will be restored. You can go online to and click on storm/power outage and you can get updates from that page by putting in your address or ZIP Code. They also advise that we should consider any wire that is on the ground to the hot/live and to stay away from the wire. Unless you have emergency backup power you probably can't receive this email so I'm asking those in your neighborhood that can receive this email to please pass the word to our citizens w/o power.

2. Paving … Due the diligent efforts of our city staff we were able to locate a replacement milling sub-contractor in Augusta, GA to do the milling on Chamblee Dunwoody Rd from Robert Dr to Womack plus Nadine Lane. There will be no increase in cost to the city. They started yesterday morning. The milling will be followed by some extensive patching and then the final paving layer will be applied. The finish product will be an outstanding enhancement to the Dunwoody Village area. Be advised there will be delays encountered in the paving area while this process is ongoing. During the milling process the pavement will be very rough so please drive carefully. I strongly urge to seek out and take alternate routes for your travels during the paving process. This process will take at least two week to complete and that is with factoring in good weather condition. This will take a lot of patience on the part of all of us but the end results will be well worth it.

3. That is all for this evening. Please pass this on to your friends, neighbors and members of your HOA. If anyone wants to be added to my email list just let me know. Thanks for all each of you do to make us a great "city family.” Let us all work to create an atmosphere of mutual respect that we all desire!

Let Us Continue to Build Our City Together!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dunwoody Update: Public Information Meeting, Communications, Paving, Voting, Safety, Dunwoody Restaurants

1. Public Information Meeting … There will be a public information meeting tonight on the Mt Vernon Rd / Tilly Mill Rd intersection project. The meeting is tonight - Tuesday, AUG 16 - from 6 - 8 PM at All Saints Catholic Church located at 2443 Mt Vernon Rd in Dunwoody. Come and listen to the possibilities for the intersection improvements and provide your input.

2. Communications … Repeat item. It is important that all of us stay informed on what is going on in our city. We have several initiatives that we in the city have to keep you informed. These include items of interest in the local media, our Dunwoody website - - that you should check frequently and our “Dunwoody E-News.” The Dunwoody E-News is put out in an email forum every Friday afternoon by our city communications personnel. It is full of the events, new updates, etc. of what is going on in our city. To get this valuable weekly email you have to sign up … there are currently over 13,000 subscribers. This is not a political document nor are we trying to sell you anything … we are just trying to keep you informed. I highly recommend you sign up for this service. Sign up is easy … just go to ….

3. Paving … Paving on many streets continue though out the city. The paving on Chamblee Dunwoody Rd from Roberts Dr to Womack is another story. On Thursday, July 28 our paving contractor, for this project, told our staff in a meeting that they would start milling on Chamblee Dunwoody Rd on Sunday night July 30. This is the origin of the paving information in my email update of July 29. On Friday evening July 29 we were informed that there might be a problem and they would call us Sunday night to let us know. We did not get a call Sunday night. The miller was a sub-constructor.  We were supposed to start milling earlier in July but that was delayed due problems that arose from the water pipe installation by DC. We are working daily with our contractor as well as contacting every contractor in the area to get the milling started without positive results. The problem is paving business is good and all the contractors we have contacted are busy. We will keep you informed … as soon as we know something it will be passed. See # 2 above.

3. Voting … For those of you who have not registered to vote or have moved to a new location since you last registered the deadline to registered in OCT 11, 2016 … this is for the NOV election. For information to register to vote you can call 404-298-4020 or got on line …

4. Safety … School is back is session. Please drive safely and take extra care in your driving habits to keep our children safe.

5. Dunwoody Restaurants … There is an outstanding selection of restaurants in our great city for your dining pleasure. For a list of all the restaurants go to the Dunwoody Convention and Visitors Bureau’s website …

6.That is all for this afternoon. Please pass this on to your friends, neighbors and members of your HOA. If anyone wants to be added to my email list just let me know. Thanks for all each of you do to make us a great city family. Let us all work to create an atmosphere of mutual respect that we all desire!

Let Us Continue to Build Our City Together!