Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Dunwoody Update: Election, Paving, New City Hall, Recycle Events, Concert, Veteran's Day

1. Election … I ask you to please exercise your privilege to vote. Thousands of our fellow Americans have sacrificed their lives for us to have this privilege.
Early Voting continues today thru this Friday at the Dunwoody Library from 7 AM to 7 PM. As of yesterday 115,000 DC citizens have voted early or absentee.
Normal Voting Day is next Tuesday, NOV 8th. Vote at your normal voting polling location. Polls will are open from 7 AM to 7 PM.

2. Voting … Citizens keep asking me who to vote for and how to vote on the Constitutional Amendments and the DC Special Election issue. It is not my place to tell you who and what to vote for … that is your decision. I will tell you how I am voting and you can use that for what ever it is worth.
President … Trump, US Senate … Isakson, Public Serv Com … Echols, US Representative 6th District … Tom Price, State Senator … Fran Miller, State Representative … Tom Taylor, District Attorney … Sherry Boston, Sheriff … Jeff Mann, DC Tax Commissioner … Irvin Johnson, Chief Executive Officer … Thurmond, DC Bd of Commissioners - Dist 1 … Nancy Jester and Dist 6 Kathie Gannon. Constitutional Amendments …
1 … Yes, 2 … Yes, 3 … Yes, 4 … Yes. DC Special Election - Homestead Exemption … Yes.

Again, how you vote is your decision but however you vote …. PLEASE VOTE!

3. Paving … All the streets `on the 2016 scheduled and supplemental paving list have been completed. The 2017 paving list will be coming out in December and the request for bids will be released NLT January.

4. More Paving … Paving of Chamblee Dunwoody Road (CDR) from Womack to Cambridge was not scheduled to be paved this year. However, due to the warm dry weather we have been having we have moved forward to try to get it paved this year. We have been delayed the last few days awaiting DC to finish the water line work. We have been told they would finish that this morning … stay tuned. We have been working on completing the necessary “deep patching” and most of that is completed. Final “top-coat" paving on this area of CDR will take about a week. As I have said before … patience will be required from all of us but the final results are worth it!

5. New City Hall … We are continuing to move forward on the overall process. We have the same Program Manager in place that did the pre-purchase evaluation of the building and parking lot. They will oversee everything until move in day. The bids are in and we are in the process of final selection for an architect for the build-out of the interior of the building. The next process will be to select a Construction Manager (in basic terms this is the general manager of the interior build-out construction). There are still four tenants in the building and we are in negotiations and assisting them with their with moving plans.

6. Recycle Events … We have two more recycling event this year. Preregistration is required … to register email Andrew Russell at … Please remember that these events are for Dunwoody residents only (bring an ID with an address).
Electronic Recycling … NOV 13th from 1 - 4 PM at St Luke’s Presbyterian Church parking lot on Mt Vernon Rd. All electronic items accepted. Deadline to register is 4 PM on Friday NOV 11th.

Household Hazardous Waste Recycling … DEC 11th from 12:30 to 4 PM at our current City Hall Parking lot located at 41 Perimeter Center East.  Items accepted … aerosols- adhesives, resin & epoxies- mercury debris/articles/devices- lawn care products- automotive products- fluorescent bulbs- pharmaceuticals- photo chemicals- hobby & artist supplies- paints- cleaners and swimming pool supplies and poisons & pesticides. Deadline to register is 4 PM on Friday DEC 9th.

7. Concert … The U S Naval Academy Gospel Choir will preform a free concert themed a “Salute to America’s Heroes” Friday, NOV 11th (Veteran’s Day) at Dunwoody Baptist Church. Doors open at 6:30 PM and the concert starts at 7 PM. If you have not heard this choir you are in for a real treat.

8. Veteran’s Day … The annual Dunwoody Veteran’s Day Ceremony will take place on NOV 11th at 10 AM at the Veteran’s Memorial in Brook Run Park. Every year more and more patriotic Dunwoody and surrounding area citizens attend this event to honor those who have served to preserved our Freedom. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

9. Volunteer Day … My thanks to all the members of the Dunwoody Volunteer Coordination Committee and our City Park Staff for a successful “Volunteer Day” last Saturday. This annual event is a great show of community spirit.

10. Safety … I ask everyone please do not exceed the speed limits on our streets around town and also when you see some one in a crosswalk to stop and give them the right-of-way to cross the street. Speeding and crosswalk violations are two of the biggest complaints I receive from citizens. Remember we are all family in Dunwoody so lets take care of each other.

11. That is all for this morning. Please pass this on to your friends, neighbors and members of your HOA, etc. If anyone wants to be added to my email list just let me know. Thanks for everything each of you do to make us a great city family and create an atmosphere of mutual respect and quality of life that we all desire!

Let Us Continue to Build Our City Together!