Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dunwoody Update: Banks and Shane, Paving, Intersections, Monarchs and Margaritas, Lemonade Days

1. Banks and Shane at Food Truck Thursday … tonight, Thursday, 27 April the locally famous and popular musical group, Banks and Shane will preform in Brook Run Park at our first Food Truck Thursday of the year. The Food Truck Thursday starts at 5 PM and Bank and Shane come on stage from 7 to 9 PM. The weather man has promised us the the rain will have passed thru by about 4 PM today and we will have a nice evening with the sun coming out and very comfortable temperatures of  around 70 degrees. So make your plans to bring your family and friends along with some chairs or a blanket for a great night at Brook Run Park … I will see you there!

2. Paving … The 2017 new paving year is schedule to start on 8 MAY … weather permitting. We will start in neighborhood streets and then after school is out we will move to the major streets. Remember, as I remind you every year … paving and progress requires patience by all of us … so be prepared to exercise patience!

3. Intersections … The main work on the Peeler, N Peachtree and Tilly Mill intersection has been completed. There are still some final details to be completed … the new stop lighting system installed, some sidewalk work and, driveway work and dressing up the yards of the local neighbors.

4, Intersections Number 2 … Your City Council approved the Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) with DeKalb County (DC) for the intersection work at Mt Vernon, Vermack and Manhasset intersection. In the IGA, DC is responsible for the installation and supervision of the water line installation and once that is done we are responsible for the paving, curbing, sidewalks, etc. at the intersection. We sent our approval of the IGA to DC in February and I notified our DeKalb County Board of Commission (DCBOC) Representative, Commissioner Nancy Jester of our action and requested her assistance. To date we are still awaiting approval by the DCBOC. As you can ascertain, we can’t start our work on the intersection until DC has approved the IGA and completed the proper installation on the water lines in that area. I will keep you updated.

5. Monarchs and Margaritas … The annual Dunwoody Nature Center’s (DNC) Monarchs and Margaritas is this Saturday Night, 29 April, at Dunwoody Park from 6 - 9 PM. This is a fun filled event for all adults and, for those of us that think we are adults. Live music, signature drinks, great tapas provided by Alon’s , silent and live auction. Tickets on sale here!  Bring yourself, friends and neighbors and be prepared to have a darn good time. All the funds earned by the DNC from this event go towards the enhancement of the DNC … so come and be generous!

6. Lemonade Days … Our thanks to all the leaders and members of the Dunwoody Preservation Trust (DPT) and the hundreds of volunteers that produced another outstanding Lemonade Days this year. It gets bigger and better every year. All the funds earned by the DPT from this event goes towards the enhancement of the Donaldson Bannister Farm/Park.

7. Reminder … Our next City Council meeting will be held on 8 MAY at 6 PM. Our thanks to all of those who came to our city council meeting this last Monday to hear the new DC CEO, Michael Thurmond, speak. He brings a fresh approach to the County.