Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dunwoody Update: Chambee Dunwoody Paving, US 6th District Voting, Tax Millage Rate, City Financial Audit, City Council Meeting, Dunwoody Restaurant Week, Concerts

1. Chamblee Dunwoody Rd Paving Situation … No one is more frustrated with this situation than myself and my fellow City Council Members .. we also drive that road. Here is some background on this situation … we signed an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) with DeKalb County (DC) which stated that DC would have oversight, supervision and payment responsibility for the installation of the new water line including backfilling the area of the new waterline up to even grade with the rest of the road. The city’s responsibility was to patch the road in the areas other than where the water line was installed and then app;y the asphalt “topcoat" over the entire road. Shortly after this was all accomplished the road started to deteriorate along that portion of the road where the water line was installed. Upon investigation it was found that the backfill of the water line that was DC responsibility was not installed/compacted properly and this created the failures on Chamblee Dunwoody Rd. As one who has done some road construction I can tell you that compaction is key to successful road construction. So where are we now … first we had to convince DC and the contractor that they were responsibility for the failures. One of the ways we did this was withholding payment … yes it is not going to cost the city any extra funds … just a lot of pain. Secondly it takes a heck of a lot longer to redo a project than to do it right the first time. We have to remove all the of the backfill material and replace it with new material. The backfill material we are using - yes we are not doing the work but we have taken oversight construction responsibility - to backfill around the waterline. The material we have to use losses some of it compaction qualities if it get wet prior to putting the initial asphalt cap in place … with the wet weather we have been having this has slowed the repair process. I have brought this and other matters that affects our citizen's quality of life that are the responsibility of DC to the attention of our local DCBOC representative and we await action. I offer the above not as an excuse … I don’t like excuses … but as a background of the situation.

2. U S 6th District Voting … You have two more days to early vote in this congressional race. Of course the most convenient location for Dunwoody citizens to early vote is at the Dunwoody United Methodist Church on Mt Vernon Rd in Dunwoody from 8 AM to 6 PM tomorrow and Friday. Regular Election Day will be next Tuesday, JUN 20, 2017 at your normal polling place throughout Dunwoody … polls will are open from 7 AM to 7 PM. Folks have ask me who to vote for in this election … as I have said in the past it is not my place to tell you who to vote for … that is strictly your decision. I will tell you who I am voting for and you can take that for whatever it is worth. I will be voting for Karen Handel. She lives in the District, has a proven record of fiscal responsibility and has proved she can work with elected officials from both parties. We fought for several years to bring local control to and enhance the lives of our citizens in Dunwoody and there is no way I will vote for someone who is an outsider and doesn’t even live in our District. I don’t like folks that are not only from outside our District but also outside our state of Georgia trying to “buy” the election. An election should not be won by who has the most campaign funds but rather by who is the most qualified. I also question a candidate who says he is going to create jobs and yet he is personally affiliated with a business outside the borders of the United States. It just doesn’t add up. Having said that whoever you are going to vote for … Please Vote!

3. Tax Millage Rate … We have had two public meeting on our Dunwoody tax millage rate and will have the third one on JUN 19 at 8 AM at city hall. We are recommending to maintain our tax millage rate at 2.74 mils. This is the same tax rate we have had since we became a city and it is one of the lowest tax rates in any city in the greater Atlanta area. We are required by law to hold these public meetings even if our tax millage rate is not increased  but our estimated tax digest/revenue (property tax revenue) will increase and, we have to advertise it as a tax increase. I wonder what political genius thought up that idea! I would understand the meeting requirements only if we were increasing our tax millage rate … but again, we haven’t had never had an increase in the tax millage rate.

4. City Financial Audit … The 2016 city audit by an outside audit firm has given your city a clean audit report. We owe our entire staff financial team and city staff leadership a “thanks” for a continued job well done.

5. The Second June City Council Meeting … The will not be a second city council meeting in June due to several of us attending the annual Georgia Municipal Association meeting in Savannah. Again there is no city council meeting on June 26.

6. Dunwoody Restaurant Week … This annual event is being held this week June 10 - 17 at many of our outstanding restaurant here in Dunwoody. It is a good time to put down the cooking tools and treat the family and friends to great meals at reduced prices.

7. Other Events:
DNC Concerts … There are three more concerts at the DNC … 6/17, 7/1 and 7/15. Concerts start at 7 PM but bring your picnic baskets and family and friends and get there early to enjoy the evening with folks from Dunwoody and surrounding areas.
July 4th Parade … Get involved with the largest Independence Day Parade in Georgia as a participant or spectator .. both are important. It is a good time for everyone of all ages to celebrate our Freedom!
July 22 Concert … This concert called “Groovin on the Green” will be the second of our “big name” concerts featuring the group Darlington Road. A family event that starts at 6 PM at our new park at Shallowford and Pernoshal Rds.