Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Dunwoody Update: Elections, Voting, Volunteer Day, Haunted Halloween Farm Event, Truck-or-Treat, National Prescription Take-Back Day

1. Elections - Voting … Early voting started last Monday and continues through Friday NOV 2. For us in our area the most convenient location is the Dunwoody Library, 5339 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday 7 AM - 7 PM, Saturday, OCT 27, 9 AM - 4 PM and Sunday OCT 28, 12 PM - 4 PM. There are other early voting locations in DC and you can early vote at any of those locations. For a listing and information of the other DC early voting locations go to … You can also absentee vote … go to this site to get your absentee ballot application … Regular voting on Tuesday, NOV 6 will be at your normal local polling place and the hours are 7 AM - 7 PM. For a copy of your “sample ballot” go to … … fill out your information, hit submit and your “sample ballot” will be in the “voter Information section." There are plenty of days, times and ways to vote so let shoot for 100% voter turnout!

2. Elections - Voting Part 2 … This is in response to question that I am frequently ask by fellow citizens … who should I vote for and how should I vote on the “Special Amendments, etc” in the current election? It is not my position to tell you who to vote for but I will tell you who I am voting for plus how I am voting on the eight special amendments, etc. and you can use that information for whatever it his worth as you see fit. Every election is important … this one maybe more important than others … so please choose wisely. The bottom line is whoever you vote for … PLEASE VOTE! Thousands upon thousands of Americans have sacrificed their lives in combat to preserve our privilege to vote … 19 of them were good friends of mine! Here is how I will vote:

State House Rep 79th District … Ken Wright. More than anyone else Ken is responsible for us becoming a city. He is professional, ethical and a strong family man. His leadership in starting up the city was an example for others to follow. With him in the House he can block any anti-Dunwoody local legislation bills proposed by Vernon Jones and the other Dunwoody unfriendly members of the DeKalb Delegation who were opposed to forming the city of Dunwoody. I know Ken's opponent and he is a fine person. However, over 80% of his donors have an address outside the Dunwoody area. Outside money should not determine who represents us. Michael Wilensky has raised approx. $236,000 for his campaign for a position that pays $17,000 / year ...and Ken has raised approx. $70,000.  
State Senator District 40 … Fran Millar. He was a major sponsor of the recently passed SPLOST legislation, passing the property tax assessment freeze in DC and defeating the additional MARTA tax above the 1% DeKalb citizens currently pay. He is also the head of the GA Senate Higher Education Committee where he has been a driving force for our educational system from teacher's pay to funding for technical school students. He was also a sponsor of the Transportation Legislation that has provided funds to enhance transportation infrastructure across our state. To summarize his opponent … she has proposed providing just about free everything. These items will have to be paid for by Georgia’s working men, women and businesses.

U S Representative from the 6th District … Karen Handel. She is a smart, hard working and self made woman. Very down to earth and extremely common sense oriented. Karen has superb verbal skills. She has done an excellent job of representing the citizens of the 6th District since elected. 

Governor … Brian Kemp. He has done an professional job as our Secretary of State and he is a moderate fiscal conservative. His opponent is a nice lady but I can’t support someone who has failed to pay her taxes on time and is also a strong opponent to Dunwoody or any other additional city having their own school system.

Lieutenant Governor … Geoff Duncan

Secretary of State … Brad Raffensperger

Attorney General … Chris Carr. He has years of experience as Senator Johnny Isakson’s Chief of Staff, followed by doing a superb job as Georgia’s Economic Development Director and now as our state Attorney General. Chris is an extremely professional leader and a very dedicated and common sense individual. He is a resident of Dunwoody.

Commissioner of Agriculture … Gary Black. Commissioner of Insurance … Jim Beck. State School Superintendent … Richard Wood. Commissioner of Labor … Mark Butler. Public Service Commissioner … Chuck Eaton

Proposed Amendments … # 1 - Yes, #2 - Yes, # 3 - No, #4 - Yes, # 5 - No.
Proposed Statewide Referenda … A - No, B - Yes.
Sunday Alcohol Sales … Yes.

3. Volunteer Day … My sincere thanks for the over 150 volunteers that came out Saturday, OCT 13 to plant trees, flower bulbs and clean street sign. It was a great day for building community spirit and enhancing the appearance of our city.

4. Haunted Halloween Farm Event …. Boy Scout Troop 477 is hosting an open house at the Donaldson Bannister House and Gardens on Chamblee Dunwoody Rd on OCT 27 from 12 PM to 9 PM. A Halloween theme with trick-or treating, tours, food court, games and more. Come out and support our Scouts. 

5. Dunwoody’s Annual Truck-or-Treat … This will be at Brook Run Park Thursday, OCT 25 starting at 5 PM. This event will be conjunction with   the last Food Truck Thursday of the year. Come in your Halloween costume (family friendly) … there will be prizes for various categories, age group, etc. Winners will be announced at 6:30 PM and contestants must be present to win. In addition, the famous “The ATL Band” will be preforming from 7 - 9 PM on the lawn just east of the playground so bring your lawn chairs and plan to have a good family evening. 

6. National Prescription Take-Back Day … This is sponsored by our Dunwoody Police Department next Saturday, OCT 27 from 10 AM - 2 PM at the Dunwoody City Hall. Come by and drop off your unused, expired or unwanted prescription or over-the-counter drugs. This is a family safety item as last year 72,000 Americans died from prescription drug overdose. 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Dunwoody Update: Volunteer Day, Town Hall Meeting, Leaves, Pine Needles, Etc

  1. Volunteer Day or Clean, Fix and Shine Up Dunwoody Day … The date is this Saturday, OCT 13. Meet at Brook Run Park at 8:45 AM and the work day will go from 9 AM to 12 noon … there will not be a penalty if you work longer! This year we are going to plant trees in Brook Run Park and the Dunwoody Nature Center, plant flowers and clean up trails in Brook Run Park and clean street signs through out the city (come with a list of dirty street signs in your area you can tackle that task). All equipment and supplies for all the above tasks will be supplied. You might want to bring some gloves. The weather is forecast to be perfect … a low in the morning of 52 and a high of 72 degrees. There is no such thing of having too many volunteers of this day so bring your family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, church members and any else you can think of. This is a great community spirit building event so I will see you all there this Saturday morning.
  2. Town Hall Meeting … I will be having my annual town hall meeting next Tuesday, OCT 16 from 7 - 8:30 PM. The location is our new Dunwoody City Hall. Come hear and be heard about current topics of interest in our city. I will be doing a presentation on where we have been, where we are now and where we are going in the future. The will the a question and answer period at the end of my presentation.
  3. Leaves, Pine Needles, Etc. … As we all know it is the season for leaves, pine needles and other fall items that hit the ground. This is a request not to put or (allow to the extent possible) any of these items down our street storm water drains. This is extreme important as these items can cause our storm water pipes to clog which results in street flooding. Clearing clogged pipes is an expensive items and that takes away funds that can be used to make positive improvement to our city. Remember … all of us must be financially vigilant in the use of our tax dollars!