Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Dunwoody Update: Independence Day, Parade, Traffic and Traffic Safety, Home and Personal Safety

1. Happy Independence Day! … Celebrate you're freedom! Take a moment to remember those who pay so dearly and are responsible for us to live in the “land of the free.” We live in the greatest country on earth. Cherish it!

2. Dunwoody’s Independence Day Parade … This is the largest such parade in Georgia. If you are not actually in the Parade you can participate equally well by being a spectator. Bring you neighbors, friends and folks from other cities in the area to enjoy this spectacle! My thanks to Pam Tallmadge, Penny Forman, the Dunwoody Police Department and the hundreds of volunteers that make this Parade a huge eventful success. The Parade start at 9 AM at All Saints Catholic Church, goes down Mt Vernon, turns onto Dunwoody Village Parkway and then turn into Dunwoody Village at the Jiffy Lube. There will be many post Parade events in the Village so bring the Family. I think we set a record this year as there were chairs spotted set up along Mt Vernon yesterday evening. A word to the wise, Dunwoody Police will close MT Vernon sometime around 8:30 AM.

3. Traffic and Traffic Safety … We are all part of the traffic problem in our city and we can also be part of the solution. One of the things we can work at is being ready to go at a 4-way stoplight intersection when the L turn arrow or green light turns green. I don’t want you driving "fighter pilot formation” on the car in front of you but having 100’ to 500’ between cars as the lights turns green means the driver was doing some type of distractive activity. If you don’t believe that spend 15 minutes at any of our 4-way stoplight intersections and you will observe this happening frequently. Remember not being ready to go just backs up traffic behind you. Concerning traffic safety please observe the speed limits, don’t text and drive, don’t use hand held phones and use your turn signals. FYI, we have approx. 3,000 vehicles accidents a year in Dunwoody … if we all do our part I thing we can reduce that number considerably. Thanks!

4. Home and Personal Safety … Every little or big thing that you can do will decrease the chances of your home or car being broken into that also preserve your personal safety. For your home, we all know about locking your doors and windows, close your garage door, have interior lights on timers, and leaving a radio on or on a timer while you are gone, etc. ...  no matter how long or short you will be away . I want to emphasis the role neighbors can play in home safety. Make sure your neighbors know when you will be away and if anyone is expected to be at your house while you are gone. Ask your neighbors to watch your house while you are gone. Know your neighbors cars. Have your neighbors pick up your mail and papers. No one is better to watch your house than your neighbors! Other material item like motion lights, alarm systems, motion sensing cameras, dogs, and having a simulated dog barking device all help. You can go on our city website under police and register your home … Police to Citizen Portal … to have officers check your home while you are gone. I am not going to go over a full report but our officers, while inspecting your home, have found garage doors open, windows open and others unlocked, doors unlocked etc. As a pilot I highly recommend you create and use a check list every time you leave home. 

For your cars follow the Dunwoody Police Department’s LOCK, TAKE, HIDE Campaign! LOCK your car doors, TAKE your car keys and TAKE or HIDE anything of valve. Locking your doors may sound very simple but the “bad guys” walk around late at night just pulling on door handles … if they find a one open they will ransack your car in 10 seconds. When you lock your car when leaving it DO NOT use your car remote to lock your car … rather use the lock button on the inside of your door. The “bad guys” have an electronic signal pick up device that can pick up the electronic signal from your remote which they can then use to open you car door. The lock button on the inside of your car door DOES NOT emit an electronic signal. We get reports weekly of folks who left the computer, cell phone, wallets/purses, etc. in plain view … in this case even if your car is locked it takes the "bad guys" 30 seconds to get in and out of your car. If you can’t take your valuables with you, which I highly recommend, then hide the valuables in your car the best you can.